8 Year Survey Results Are In

You will recently recall that we sent a request to all of our customers to ask you for some feedback. We’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. We’ve had an overwhelming response so we thought we’d take the time to share some of the feedback with you!

How do you access your UK Postbox account?

The first question that we asked you was how do you access your UK Postbox account? Is it by using our mobile app or via the web platform. Well, this was the first surprise for us! It seems that a whopping 85.8% of you prefer to access your UK Postbox account by the web platform. Our App was developed to allow you to access your account on the move so we were a little surprised that more of you don’t use the app for access so this is an area that we will be looking into further!

What device do you use to access your account?

The second question we wanted answers to, was what do you use to access your account – the options included:Windows PC, Apple Mac, Apple iPad/iPhone, Android Tablet/Phone, Windows Tablet/Phone – no surprises here that 78% of you use a Windows PC or Apple Mac. Surprisingly, 7.5% of people access their UK Postbox account using the web platform on a mobile device!

Ease of navigation

Luckily for us, 88.8% of you find the system easy to navigate. There seems to be an almost 50/50 split in business and personal customer usage with the main personal usage been for mail forwarding when travelling and living abroad and the main business reasons for use are for business address and company formation, keeping home address private, fulfilment and online mail room usage. 27% of you use our services for a mix of the above, both personal and business.

Luckily there was not any one area that jumped out when we asked about if you experienced difficulty in navigating your way about the site and our platform. 32% of people did find our charging process a little confusing, so we’ve taken that feedback on board. We are currently restructuring this and how we communicate the charges to you.   

In terms of the live Q&A sessions, the top three sessions that you requested were: Expats and Living Abroad,Business Services and UK Company Formation. Great feedback – we will schedule Q&A sessions for the New Year, so keep an eye on our social media sites for more information.

Last but not least, one customer was picked at random to nominate a charity of their choice to receive a £100 donation from UK Postbox. We are pleased to announce that Mr Robin Briars was the chosen customer and his charity of choice is Macmillan Cancer Trust. A donation of £100 has now been sent.

Macmillan Support

Thank you again!

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who took time out of their schedule to answer our questions.Customer service remains at the forefront of our business, therefore your feedback and input is invaluable to us as it allows us to make the right decisions to drive the business forward.

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Allan Chester
December 3, 2016
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