What is a virtual PO Box?

A virtual PO Box is just like a PO Box, except you can manage your address and mail online from anywhere in the world. They’re an alternative to traditional PO Boxes that many individuals are turning to due to the additional features and flexibility they bring.

What are traditional PO Boxes?

Traditional PO Boxes are physical boxes at a location that you can purchase. You can then use the address of your PO Box for incoming letter deliveries. You can then visit your PO Box in person and collect your mail as and when you’re able to.

Key differences between traditional and virtual PO boxes

While virtual PO Boxes and the traditional kind share many similarities, there are some key differences between how they work.

PO Box location

  • Traditional PO Boxes - You’ll need to find a PO Box location that’s close to you so that you can collect your mail.
  • Virtual PO Boxes - You can choose a PO Box across many UK locations as you won’t need to visit them in person. All of your mail can be viewed online.

Mail delivery alerts

  • Traditional PO Boxes - You may not receive any alert when mail arrives for you, and you’ll need to visit your PO Box to check for any letters.
  • Virtual PO Boxes - When mail arrives for you, you’ll receive a notification via your account. You just need to log in to our mail management platform to view your mail items.

Collecting your mail

  • Traditional PO Boxes - You’ll need to collect letters from your PO Box in person unless you opt for a specific service that forwards mail from your PO Box to another address in the UK.

  • Virtual PO Boxes - Mail will be delivered to a secure sorting facility. You can view scans of your envelope and mail contents online. If you need access to the physical item, you can forward it to any location across the globe.


  • Traditional PO Boxes - A traditional PO Box may cost you up to £475.20 per year (Prices correct as of 2/8/23).
  • Virtual PO Boxes - Our Dorset PO Box is FREE, while our London-based address is available for £6.00 per month (inc VAT)

Getting a virtual PO Box in the UK

Virtual PO Boxes in the UK are available to anyone worldwide. You will need to confirm your identity during sign up, so make sure you have the relevant documents before you start the process.

You’ll have the option to choose from several locations across the UK. The location you choose has no bearing on the service you receive; it just means that your delivery address will appear to be in a certain area.

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What are the benefits of having a virtual PO Box?

  1. Cost-effective - Virtual PO Boxes are one of the most cost-effective ways to have an address in the UK for mail delivery and other uses. There are also plans that start from free and only charge you when you use the service, making them an accessible option for everyone.
  2. Forward mail internationally - Any mail delivered to your virtual PO Box can be forwarded elsewhere across the world.
  3. Free courier point address - All of our virtual PO Boxes come with a courier point address. PO Boxes can’t be used to receive parcels, so we provide you with a separate address instead.
  4. Privacy and security - Using a virtual PO Box protects your privacy and is a secure way to receive mail. Your real location is hidden, and you can provide your virtual address for all mail deliveries.
  5. Reduce physical mail clutter - Opting for a virtual address means that you won’t ever have to deal with physical mail again or risk losing important correspondence.
  6. Get a UK address from anywhere - If you’re living overseas and need a UK based address, a virtual PO Box can be a simple way to secure your UK presence.
  7. Free storage - We provide 30 days free storage for physical mail items and unlimited storage for saved digital copies.
  8. Manage your mail from anywhere - Use our online mail management platform to read, organise, respond to and manage all of your mailing needs from anywhere in the world.

Virtual PO Boxes and online mail management

UK Postbox virtual PO Boxes have the added benefit of online mail management. We’ve developed software that allows you to manage every aspect of your mail from anywhere. It’s just like having access to a post office at all times.

Our online mail management solution is available on desktop and through a mobile and tablet app. We’re regularly updating the things you can do, but a summary of the options includes:

  1. Mail scanning - When an envelope arrives, we’ll scan the outside and upload this to your account. You can also request that we open and scan the item for you to read online.

  1. Mail forwarding - Forward any mail you receive to another location across the world. Simply enter the delivery details and choose a postage option - we’ll do the rest.

  1. Forwarding batches - If you regularly forward items, you can combine multiple items into a single shipment to save on costs.

  1. Auto forwarding - If you know you’ll need physical mail items after they arrive, set up automatic rules and we’ll forward mail items after they arrive.

  1. Digital storage - We’ll digitally store and envelope, parcel and letter scans for you to view until you remove them.

  1. Physical storage - We’ll store your mail items free for 30 days. You can continue to store mail with us for a small fee thereafter.

  1. Shred - If you don’t need a physical letter stored, we can securely shred of it for you.

  1. Recycle - On request, we can securely recycle your stored letters.

  1. Tags and folders - Create folders and set tags within our platform to make it easier to categorise and store your digital files.

  1. Send letters online - Upload a document and provide us with delivery information. We’ll print your letter and send it from within the UK.

  1. Parcel tracking - Track mail items directly in the platform based on your courier’s delivery updates.

  1. International customs support - When you send an item overseas, you’re required to provide customs information. We’ll make sure to ask you for the correct information so that your mail doesn’t get delayed, incur fines, or be rejected by customs.

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