UK Postbox Plans and Pricing

With a range of virtual address options and flexible mail plans, we’re here to help you identify which option is right for you. All our accounts consist of two parts, an address and a mail plan, you can’t have one without the other. Progress through our pricing calculator below and build your personal UK Postbox plan.

Using the above options to select an address type, choose a mail plan that matches your intended usage and we’ll let you know how much you’ll pay. If you’re happy with your selection, click the order button and you’ll be taken through our sign up and identity verification process.

UK Postbox pricing explained

If you’re not quite ready to get started with our pricing calculator, here’s some more information on how it works. Find out what the address features mean, advice on choosing a mail plan, the forwarding and storage options available as well as what to expect with the identity verification process.

Addresses explained

Selecting your address

We have a selection of virtual addresses for you to choose from. The right one for you depends on what you need to use the address for. Below, you'll find an explanation on the top-level features that make up a UK Postbox address. Please note that, depending on the address you chose, not all features will be available.

Which address features do you need?

Personal Address Icon

Personal Address

A correspondence address that is suitable for receiving personal mail only.
Sole Trader Address Icon

Sole Trader Address

An address for sole traders who don't operate a registered business but still expect to receive mail.
Business Trading Address Icon

Business Trading Address

An address to receive business mail from your clients, suppliers, bank, agents etc. It often gets used on business stationery and marketing material.
Registered Office Address Icon

Registered Office Address

For use by registered businesses, this address feature is suitable for use with companies house when forming a limited company in the UK.
Directors Service Address Icon

Director’s Service Address

Limited company directors need an official mailing address for legal notices and statutory mail that gets displayed on the public record.
Royal Mail Redirection Icon

Royal Mail Redirection

If you're looking to set up a Royal Mail Redirection service, addresses with this feature are suitable to redirect your mail to.
Shop and Ship Icon

Online Shop & Ship

Perfect if you live or work abroad and want access to products only available in the UK. Consolidate your parcels and save on shipping.
Customer Returns Icon

Customer Returns

If you run a business selling products online, this feature will allow you to use your virtual address for customers to return their goods to.
Fulfilment and dropshipping icon

Fulfilment & Dropshipping

For businesses that want to sell products in the UK and the EU. Save on carriage costs by shipping to us in bulk, and we’ll fulfil the orders on your behalf.
Google Adsense Icon

Google AdSense

If you're planning to use Google Adsense we offer a Dorset Street Address that is suitable to receive your verification PIN.

If you’re still not sure which address is best for your individual needs, visit our address overview page, or contact our customer support team who will be happy to advise.

Mail plans explained

Choosing a mail plan

Choose from our different level of mail plans for letters and parcels. You should select the option that best matches how much mail you expect to receive on a monthly basis. If you opt for a letter plan and receive the odd parcel, no problem, we'll just charge you on a pay-as-you-go basis. For more information check out our FAQ’s at the bottom of this page.

Letter and parcel plan inclusions explained:

Envelope Scan Icon

Envelope Scans

When we receive a letter we will scan the front side of the envelope and upload it to your account so you can preview the new item.

All our mail plans come with an unlimited amount of envelope scans, with the exception of pay-as-you-go. If you anticipate you'll receive over 7 letters a month it's worth considering a paid plan.
Page Scans Icon

Page Scans

A page scan refers to the single side scan of a page in the contents of your letter. This is an action you can request from your account to read the contents of your mail online.

Our letter plans include a varying amount of inclusive page scans, with the exception of pay-as-you-go where you will purchase each page scan individually.
Receive Parcels Icon

Receive Parcels

Our parcel plans include a range of inclusive parcels depending on the amount your expect to receive on a monthly basis.

When a parcel is delivered we will photograph the outside of the box and shipping label, then upload the image to your account where you will be notified.
Mail forwarding and storage options

Forwarding and storage options:

In addition to our addresses and mail plans, you have the option to forward and store physical mail. Using our online mail management software you’re in control of what happens to your mail - If you wish to forward physical items or store them for longer than the inclusive 30 days here’s a breakdown of the prices (including UK VAT @ 20%).

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Additional Charges
and Size Guide
Large Letter
Small Parcel
Medium Parcel
Large Parcel
Mail Forwarding
£0.90 per item
(+ postal/courier cost)
£0.90 per item
(+ postal/courier cost)
£1.80 per item
(+ postal/courier cost)
£3.00 per item
(+ postal/courier cost)
£4.20 per item
(+ postal/courier cost)
Storage after 30 days
£0.12 per month
£0.24 per month
£1.80 per month
£3.00 per month
£4.80 per month
Max Weight
Max Length
Max Width
Max Thickness
Greater in size than 61cm x 46cm x 46cm.
Or heavier than 20kg.
No more than 1.5m in length and 3m length and depth combined
Weight limit: 30kg
Contact to arrange

Shipping calculator

You’ll also need to consider the courier/postal cost to forward your mail - We’ve got a handy shipping calculator that shows you the cost for shipping your letters and parcels via our preferred courier services.

View Our Shipping Calculator
Identity verification

Completing sign up and identity verification

Completing the sign up process once you’ve selected your address and plan is quick and easy. We just need some personal details from you to finalise your UK Postbox account.

The last step is Identity Verification. We need to verify the details submitted comply with legal requirements so we can continue to deliver a secure service to all our customers. Depending on whether you’re an individual or incorporated business and the type of UK Postbox address you have chosen will determine if you need to follow our basic or enhanced identity verification processes.

Our identity verification Process
Passport illustration
Can't find what you're looking for?

We appreciate that businesses and e-retailers have specific requirements, which is why we offer tailored bespoke mail plans. Click a link below to complete a form for custom pricing.

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If you’re outside of the UK and operate as an Incorporated Business or Registered Charity, you won’t be charged VAT.

Included in all of our plans

Online mail pricing
Online mail & parcel management
PO Box pricing
Free courier point address
Send post online pricing
Desktop and mobile compatibility
internet post pricing
Storage & workflow integrations (Exc PAYG)
Mail scanning pricing
99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring
Secure post scanning
256-bit encryption and 2-step security
UK post scanning
World class UK based customer support
Storage pricing
30 days free mail and parcel storage
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What if I want to receive letters on a parcel plan?


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