Shopping in the UK should be easier

If you live or work abroad and buy products from the UK, you’re probably familiar with these common issues:

  • UK retailers don’t always ship internationally
  • International carriage can be expensive

It’s frustrating that in today’s world, where everything and everyone’s connected, that you can’t easily and inexpensively purchase the products you want. That’s where we come in.

Share the cost of international parcel forwarding

The likelihood is that you know other people who would like to buy products from the UK so why not share the cost? Get your colleagues, family members or friends to ship their orders to your UK Postbox Delivery Address - we’ll then box yours up with theirs, and you can split the costs!

Wrap and Pack

Take the hassle out of special occasions by using our wrap and pack service. Place orders at your favourite retailers - get them delivered to us - and we’ll wrap and deliver them in plenty of time.

Personalise your gifts

You can even personalise your gifts with cards and gift tags that are pre-delivered to us. Tell us which cards go with which presents, and we’ll match them up for you – perfect for making sure your niece, nephew or great aunt get their favourite treats, just when you want them to.

Shop and Ship Premium – Concierge Service

Whilst most retailers offer online ordering, there will be some that don’t; for those we offer our Premium Concierge Service. Have us visit the store on your behalf and buy your products before shipping to you.

Ready to get started?

Why people use UK Shop and Ship

free uk shopping address

Free UK shopping address & 30 day storage

excellent onward shipping rates

Great onward shipping rates & online tracking

buy products from the uk as they're released

Get products as they’re released in the UK

shop uk sales and deals

Shop for UK deals and sales

parcel consolidation and forwarding

Share costs with friends and family

safe and secure service

Safe, secure & reliable service

Sign up for free

Sign up, and we’ll give you your own UK Delivery Address, free of charge. Now it’s time to get shopping! Have your orders delivered to us, and we’ll carefully consolidate them into larger packages, ready to be sent to you – it’s that simple!

Frequently asked questions about UK Shop and Ship:

  1. Do I need customs documents for exporting products?

    We’ll include all the relevant customs documentation with your outbound parcel.

  2. Can I track my parcels?

    You can track all of your outbound parcels online. Tracking of orders sent to us will depend on the courier each retailer uses.

  3. I live in the EU, will I pay VAT when I forward my parcel?

    If you’ve purchased something from an online seller in the UK, you may be required to pay an additional VAT charge when your goods enter the EU. All goods sold to EU customers are subject to VAT, and you’ll need to enter the relevant shipping information with your forwarding request so that the correct fees are applied.

  4. How long does the setup take?

    We can process account applications within 24 working hours. Simply sign up online and submit your identification documents, and we’ll issue you with your UK delivery address.

  5. Can my packages be insured?

    Yes, all of our couriers offer insurance; simply let us know through the app and we’ll make sure it’s included.

  6. What happens if something is broken?

    We recommend that if you’re buying something which is fragile, you have us inspect it when it arrives at our sorting office. This ensures that any breakages are identified before we re-pack and send on to you.

  7. Is there a weight limit?

    Yes, we limit inward and outbound parcels to 30Kgs but you are more than welcome to have multiple packages.

  8. How long do you store my products for?

    We store all of your products free for 30 days; if you need us to hold onto them for longer then please refer to our parcel storage fees or contact us.

  9. Can you ship to anywhere in the world?

    Yes, assuming you have an address for us then we can send your parcels to anywhere.

  10. Can I have some goods sent to me and others sent elsewhere?

    Yes, you can dictate where your parcels are sent, there’s no reason why you can’t have one package sent to the US and another to Africa - we give you total flexibility and control.