PO Box & parcels: How it works

PO Boxes are a popular choice for individuals who need to receive and manage their mail remotely. From digital nomads to students, e-commerce sellers, frequent travellers and more, PO Boxes offer an accessible and cost-effective solution to many different types of people. But what happens when you need to receive parcels? We’ve covered everything you need to know below.

Can you receive parcels at a PO Box?

In short, no, you can’t receive parcels at a PO Box. You can only use your PO Box to receive letters. This is because PO Box addresses are virtual and there’s no location for parcel couriers to deliver and leave parcels for you. If you want to receive parcels, you’ll need a separate courier point address.

Courier point addresses

A courier point address is a specific location that you can use for receiving parcels. They’re used in tandem with PO Boxes to provide a complete solution for receiving letters and parcels.

When you sign up for one of our virtual PO Box addresses, we’ll automatically assign you a free courier point address to use alongside your PO Box. You don’t need to create a separate account or go through the sign up process again. You’ll just need to log in to your account and view your courier point address information.

When you’re receiving parcels, use your courier point address for deliveries. When you’re receiving letters, use your PO Box address instead.

What is a PO Box?

Our PO Boxes are virtual locations that you can use for receiving mail.

Our Dorset PO Box is free. You’ll only pay when you receive mail and use our other services, such as scanning or mail forwarding.

PO Boxes do have some limitations, such as not being suitable for use a registered office address or receiving parcels, but we offer other addresses to meet different address needs. You can learn about our options by visiting our address overview page: https://www.ukpostbox.com/address

Get a free UK PO Box

Sign up for a free PO Box in Dorset or pay £6.00 per month for a London address. You’ll need to choose a mail plan which outlines how much mail you receive as part of your subscription every month, but we offer a free pay-as-you-go option if you’re unsure on your usage.

As mentioned above, you’ll also receive a free courier point address to use for any parcel deliveries when you sign up. Visit our pricing page to learn more about all of our address options and choose your PO Box location.

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