What is a virtual postal address?

Our virtual postal addresses are locations that you can use for all manner of UK based address needs. They’re not physical locations that you can visit, but they are based on the physical locations we operate from. Your virtual postal address will be entirely unique to you, and it allows you to have an address presence in the UK without having to live here. Learn more by watching our video below.

Virtual addresses in London & across the UK

We offer virtual addresses in London, Dorset, and many other locations across the UK, including:

  • North London
  • Central London
  • South London
  • Westminster
  • Dorset
  • Glasgow
  • Birmingham
  • Edinburgh
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol

Learn more about our virtual address types

We offer several address types that are suited towards different customers and needs. Whether you're an individual living overseas and you need an address to receive mail or you're a company looking to register their business in the UK, our addresses offer you everything you may need.

Get a free UK PO Box and only pay for the mail you receive.

Free PO Box

Suited towards personal customers, choose between locations across the UK.

London Street Address

Addresses with additional features for business use.

Business Address
Royal Mail UK redirection Address

Get a free UK address to use with the Royal Mail Redirection service.

Redirection Address
Parcel Address in the UK

Addresses geared towards customers that expect to receive parcels.

Parcel Address
Handing Over Parcel - UK E-retail returns Address

For e-retail customers. Get a free returns address for customer returns.

Returns Address

Your virtual mailbox

All of our virtual address holders can use their addresses to receive and distribute mail. From individual letters to multiple parcels, your virtual address acts as somewhere that you can receive the mail you’d expect to your home address. You’ll be given access to our platform that allows you to view, read and manage any mail you receive from wherever you are in the world.

Meet our advanced mail management platform

We’ve developed the most advanced mail management platform for you to view, read and manage the mail you receive from your desktop, tablet or mobile. We’re continually adding new features to give our customers more flexibility over how they handle their mail remotely.

View our platform features
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Who can benefit from a virtual mailing address?

Virtual mailing addresses are helpful to different people for different reasons, and we don’t place any limits on how your address is used; it’s entirely up to you. Some of the most popular reasons customers sign up to our virtual mailing address service are:

  • Businesses who are registering their company in the UK
  • People who are relocating away from the UK
  • Individuals who are living outside of the UK
  • Students who frequently change their addresses
  • Dropshippers and e-retailers who need a UK address
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Supercharge your mail with UK Postbox integrations

Connect your UK Postbox account with Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Evernote to integrate your physical mail with popular workflows, apps and cloud storage solutions.

Mail plans explained - only pay when you receive mail

After choosing your virtual address, you’ll also need to select a mail plan that's best suited to the amount of mail you expect to receive. Our mail plans are flexible, and each plan is suited towards a different type of user:

All parcels received will be charged on a pay-as-you-go rate unless you opt for a specific parcel address and parcel plan.

protecting privacy

Serious about privacy

Your privacy is of the highest importance to us, and we’ll always ensure that it’s protected. Being governed by the General Data Protection Regulation, we’re forbidden from sharing your information, and if we’re ever asked to, we’ll alert you straight away.

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