Envelope Scanning Icon

Envelope scanning

When we receive mail for you, we’ll scan the front of the envelope before taking any further action. This gives you the chance to manage your mail on a case-by-case basis. Scanning the front of envelopes is included in the cost of receiving your mail item, there will only be an additional charge if you require the reverse to be scanned.

Open and Scan Icon

Open and scan

With the click of a button from an envelope scan, you can request for us to manually open and scan the contents, once complete we’ll notify you that the contents have been uploaded to your account, ready for you to read online.

Forwarding Batches Icon

Forwarding batches

If you want to consolidate multiple mail items and parcels into a single forwarding consignment you can add them to a forwarding batch, once ready request for the batch to be processed and we’ll send all the items to the address of your choice. 

Auto Forwarding Icon

Auto forwarding

Set up forwarding rules on your account so that mail is automatically sent on to an address of your choosing.  Control when the forwarding takes place; daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Digital Store Icon

Digital store

Allows you to destroy the physical copy of your mail whilst keeping a digital version saved on your account.

Physical Store Icon

Physical store

All UK Postbox accounts come with 30 days of free storage for mail items. If you’d like them stored longer, you have the option to pay for us to keep them within our secure mailing facility.

Shred Icon


If you have confidential mail that you would like to be disposed of securely, we will destroy it by shredding the contents and packaging.

Recycle Icon


When you ask us to recycle your mail, we’ll still shred elements of your item that are deemed confidential, but process the remaining contents and packaging for recycling.

Message Centre Icon

Message centre

Communicate with our mailroom and customer service team, directly from the platform. Our message centre offers a more secure form of communication than email.

Inbox Folders Icon

Inbox folders

Create folders within your account and organise your mail into categories such as personal, billing and banking. Treat your UK Postbox mailbox just like you would email.

Drag and Drop Icon

Drag and drop

Easily move mail items around from folder to folder. Simply click, drag and drop!

Tag Mail Items Icon


Create and add tags to mail items to easily sort and organise your account. Use your custom tags in the future to search your account and find mail items.

Mark As Junk Icon

Mark as junk

All items you mark as junk will be removed from your account and the item returned to sender on your behalf. Items addressed “to the occupier” at your address won’t be added to your account and we will automatically dispose of these items to reduce the potential cost of junk mail.

Auto Top Up Icon

Auto top-up

Using our auto-top up feature, your account will automatically add in a balance set by you when it runs out of funds. No more delays in seeing mail or having items forwarded - your account will always be in credit, and you’ll be in complete control of the billing.

Send Letters Online Icon

Send letters

Upload digital PDF files of your letters to our platform, select your postage option and we’ll send the letter for you within the UK.

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Set your mail plan to automatically renew monthly or every 12 months.

Optional 2-step login

All new devices that try to access your account will first have to be verified by email.

Post and Parcel Tracking

Interactive live tracking with Royal Mail (on selected tracked services), DHL and DPD.

Supercharge your mail with UK Postbox integrations

Connect your UK Postbox account with Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Evernote to integrate your physical mail with popular workflows, apps and cloud storage solutions.

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