Who is Atlantic Fusion?

In December 2024, Team Atlantic Fusion will take on the World’s Toughest Row by rowing between two continents. Their team is made up of four members from two rowing clubs, two genders, two nationalities, and two generations - hence the name Atlantic Fusion.

Atlantic Fusion Team member Annike Israelsson
Annika Israelsson

Annika's passion for rowing began at age 13 and has taken her across rivers, lakes and harbors in Arizona, Sweden and her current home of London. It was her vision to take on the Atlantic Ocean, and assembled the team to arise to the challenge.

Atlantic Fusion Team member Bel Noyes
Bel Noyes

From Poole's coastal waters to crossing the Atlantic, 52-year-old mother of two Bel has rowed it all. Introduced to the sport by her dad on the Thames, she's spent 8 years immersed in Cornish pilot gig rowing, competing for Poole Gig Rowing Club.

Atlantic Fusion Team member Dave Fassam
Dave Fassam

Dave, 51, is an NHS safety investigator in Poole. He served 24 years in the Army as an aircraft engineer/accident investigator. In 2016, he started pilot gig rowing, becoming Men's Captain and helping his club rank top 50 globally at the recent Isles of Scilly Championships.

Atlantic Fusion Team member Molly Hemeter
Molly Hemeter

Molly, 26, is a Customer Success Manager in London and competitive rower of 7 years. Inspired by her friend Georgie's 2020 Atlantic row, Molly craved an immersive challenge focused solely on living in the moment - rowing, sleeping, eating.

Proudly supporting Atlantic Fusion

We are proudly sponsoring the Atlantic Fusion team as they take on one of the world's most extreme challenges - the World’s Toughest Row across the Atlantic. This incredible four-person crew will row 3,000 miles to raise funds and awareness for Abbie’s Army, a charity supporting research into DIPG brain cancer.

As a gold sponsor, the UK Postbox logo will be prominently featured on the 'Atlantic Fusion' boat and its crew's apparel throughout their incredible journey.

Mailing from the Atlantic

While battling the extreme conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic Fusion crew won't be completely disconnected from the outside world. They’ll have access to their mail using our post scanning service. We’ll be providing a dedicated UK street address, where they’ll have access to their post via our app. They’ll also have the ability to send post using our secure, paperless Online Letter Sending service, allowing them to mail letters from the Atlantic.

Race Facts

Rowers face immense challenges during their journey, including navigating through waves that can reach up to 20-feet high.

Rowers experience extreme temperature variations, from 15°C at night to over 30°C with high humidity, testing their mental and physical endurance.

The average rower loses approximately 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds) during an Atlantic crossing.

During a race across the Atlantic, each rower is expected to perform over 1.5 million oar strokes.

There are no toilet facilities on board, forcing rowers to use a bucket for their needs.

Rowers burn an astonishing 5,000 calories per day during their arduous journey.

Rowing for Abbie’s Army

Abbie's Army is a charity raising awareness and funding for research into DIPG, one of the deadliest childhood brain cancers. Founded in memory of Abbie, their mission is two-fold: funding specific DIPG clinical trials to find a cure for this terminal diagnosis and providing support for UK families impacted by a DIPG diagnosis for their child. With limited research funding, charities like Abbie's Army are crucial for advancing treatments and bringing hope against this devastating paediatric cancer. Your organisation can support the team with one of Atlantic Fusion's sponsorship packages, or you can donate towards the fundraising campaign.

When does the World’s Toughest Row start?

After 2 years of planning, Atlantic Fusion will embark on their quest this December at San Sebastian, La Gomera, stretching over the Atlantic Ocean, finishing at Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua. Last year, 38 teams participated in the 10th edition of the race.

This epic voyage will push the team to their absolute limits, both physically and mentally. They will row in pairs, two hours on and two hours off, 24 hours a day for around 40-60 gruelling days at sea. Facing colossal waves, scorching heat, sleep deprivation and total isolation, this is arguably the world's toughest row.

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