Virtual Office Address in London & Dorset: A cheap and effective solution

Looking for a virtual office address in London? Our Business Address service is the perfect fit. Need a cheap virtual office? Then choose our popular Dorset Business Address.

In this post, we explain exactly how our Business Address service works, what it costs and how to get started.

What is a virtual office address?

A virtual office address is a physical location where mail is received on your behalf. Letters arrive, they’re scanned, and in our case, uploaded to a secure portal for you to read online.

Our virtual office services (also known as our Business Addresses)

Our virtual office service, also known as our Business Addresses, give you a physical location in one of two top UK locations; London, or, the cheaper, Dorset. With both, you’ll get lots of flexibility and the ability to read and manage your post online from anywhere, on any connected device. If you’re looking for a service where you can control what happens to mail on an item-by-item basis, then look no further.

Here are just some of the things that you can do with our Business Addresses:

  1. Virtual office mail forwarding

Have us physically forward your mail to anywhere in the world. Choose for everything to be sent to a single location, or decide where things go on an item by item basis.

  1. Virtual office mail scanning

By default, when new items arrive, the envelopes will be scanned, and they’ll be left unopened. Log in to our secure portal (free with all accounts) and choose which we should open and scan, and which you’d prefer remained sealed.

  1. Read post online

Once scanned, you’ll be able to read your post online, download it as a PDF and even link it directly into your Dropbox and Evernote.

  1. Receive and forward parcels (Dorset only)

While Dorset is the cheaper of our two locations, it’s the more flexible. By choosing the Dorset address, you’ll be able to receive parcels too. When a parcel arrives, we’ll scan or photograph the label and upload it along with the weight and dimensions into your secure inbox. From there, you can arrange for the item to be forwarded on to you, wherever you are in the world.

Is office space included?

No, our service is a mailing address for your business; we don’t provide shared working facilities. It’s our belief by having one of our Business Addresses, you can effectively work from anywhere, while still maintaining a physical presence in the UK. You may not need that costly office space after all.

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Top 7 reasons for having a virtual office address

Here are our top 7 reasons for having a virtual office address:

  1. Use a virtual office address to start a business in the UK

Whether you’re in the UK or abroad, if you want to start a business in the UK, you’ll need a mailing address. The more formal your company, the more critical it is to have an address. As an example, to start a Limited Company in the UK you’ll need a Registered Office Address and a Director’s Service Address, both of which will be on public record. Fortunately, our Business Address service is perfect for any type of company structure.

  1. Maintain a presence in the UK when moving overseas

With the on-going uncertainty in the UK, there is a growing number of businesses that are looking to move abroad. Our Business Address service offers those companies the ability to retain a physical presence in the UK, without the associated costs of having premises.

  1. As a virtual trading address

A trading address is where your business is conducted from and it’s often the address you’ll put on your stationery and marketing materials. A virtual trading address allows you to present a professional image and avoid needing to use your home address, as an example.

  1. Protect privacy at home

If you’re a small business operating from home, we’d strongly recommend getting a virtual business address. Too often small business owners fall into the trap of having their home address available online, and like most things, once it’s there, it can be hard to remove. Protect your privacy at home with a virtual business address.  

  1. Have a presence in London

London is the undeniable engine room of the UK economy, and for many businesses, it is essential to have a presence there. Unfortunately, having offices in London isn’t cheap, which is why our virtual office address service is so popular, you’ll have a London address at a fraction of the cost.

  1. A cheap virtual office saves you money

Post is one of the last things tying you to a physical office location; a virtual office service removes the need for costly premises. Allowing you to embrace remote working, reduce costs and enjoy flexibility.

  1. Turn post into digital files that can be accessed from anywhere

A big benefit of a virtual office from UK Postbox is that your mail is scanned and can be accessed anywhere through our secure mail management platform and mobile apps.

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Is a virtual office solution right for your business?

A virtual office solution is a good fit for many types of business, small and enterprises alike. If your business is looking to expand, digitise your mailing process and would benefit from the features we've listed above, a virtual office solution can be an effective way to achieve multiple goals through a single service.

How much does a virtual office address cost?

Our virtual office address services (we call them our Business Addresses) cost much less than you might think. There are two parts to every UK Postbox plan, first the Address, and second, the Mail Plan.

All of our pricing includes UK VAT at 20%, whether you are liable will depend on your account type, location and VAT registration status.

UK Postbox Business Addresses

London Business Address* - £18 per month

Dorset Business Address - £12 per month

*Only Dorset can receive parcels.

UK Postbox Mail Plans

Pay-as-you-go* - Only pay for what you receive

(£1.20 per envelope scan and £1.20 per page scan)

Letter 10 - £9 per month

(unlimited envelope scans, includes 10 page scans, then £0.90 per page scan after that)

Letter 25 - £12 per month  

(unlimited envelope scans, includes 25 page scans, then £0.48 per page scan after that)

Letter 50 - £21 per month

(unlimited envelope scans, includes 50 page scans, then £0.42 per page scan after that)

Letter 100 - £36 per month

(unlimited envelope scans, includes 100 page scans, then £0.36 per page scan after that)

Need a higher volume plan? Contact us for a bespoke quote.

*Pay-as-you-go plans cannot connect to your cloud storage (Dropbox and Evernote). If you would like this functionality, please choose a monthly or annual letter plan.

***Get 12 months for the price of 10 by signing up to an annual plan***

How to get a virtual office address

How to set up a virtual office we hear you ask. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to get started with us.

  1. Visit the pricing page of the UK Postbox website
  2. Select the Business Address location you’d like, either London or Dorset
  3. Choose your mail plan based on your anticipated usage
  4. Submit some information and identification for both you and your business
  5. We’ll verify your identity, create your account and issue your business address
  6. You’re ready to use the address, and we’ll let you know when items arrive

That’s it, a simple, cost effective, flexible and reliable virtual office solution. We’ll look forward to working with you!

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