Digital Mailroom Outsourcing & Automation

Businesses looking to improve the way they receive, handle, distribute and send their mail have the option to automate their mailroom through a digital mailroom service. By outsourcing your mailroom operations, you may benefit from reduced operational costs, more flexibility over the way your business processes mail and more.

How to outsource your mailroom through digital automation

Mailroom automation is when a business can automate how it receives, distributes and sends post. One way to achieve this is by outsourcing your mailroom operations and accessing your post in a digital way. This minimises the manual actions needed to process mail and offers many benefits such as reduced costs and improved operational flexibility. 

Virtual mailroom address

A virtual, or digital mailroom address, is the first part of the process. This address will be used instead of your previous location for receiving letters and parcels. Any mail that would have otherwise been sent to your previous mailroom will be delivered to your new virtual address.

Your virtual business address can also be utilised as your registered office, directors’ service, business trading and correspondence addresses. This allows businesses to move away from office locations and operate fully remotely without worrying about their physical post. To manage the mail received at this address, you’ll use our online mail management platform.

Online mail management

After mail arrives at your address, you’ll be able to manage it online through our desktop platform or smart device app. You’ll have access to the features that allows you to read mail, destroy items, forward items, send letters and more. You have the option to set up automatic rules and integrate your digital post with your cloud platforms to share mail with employees throughout your company.

Digital mailroom outsourcing features

By outsourcing your mailroom via a digital mailroom service, you’ll have access to all of the functionality of a physical mailroom at your fingertips. Our platform includes all of the features that a business of any size needs to automate handling their physical post. Some of the features you’ll have access to include:

  • Receiving mail on your behalf
  • Envelope and parcel scanning
  • Letter and document scanning
  • Automation rules and settings
  • Digital mail storage
  • Email and SMS notifications to multiple recipients
  • Secure physical mail storage
  • Organise mail via folders and tags
  • Send a letter within the UK from your device
  • Track your post and parcels
  • Integrate with cloud solutions such as OneDrive, GDrive, Evernote and Dropbox
  • Create digital notification workflows
  • Forward mail items internationally
  • Secure post shredding and disposal
  • Recycling mail on your behalf
  • Share scans with multiple team members instantly

What are the benefits of outsourcing your mailroom?

Businesses outsource their mailroom for several reasons, but one of the driving factors is a change in how the business operates. Many companies now employ internationally and operate some form of remote working policy, meaning a physical mailroom would no longer suit their infrastructure. The benefits of mailroom automation will vary per business, but some of the most common include:

  • Instantly access the post that’s been received from a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • A reduction in mailroom associated costs such as stationery, office space, labour, machinery etc.
  • Team members from different locations across the world can easily access, share and manage mail together
  • All mail items are seucrely stored, reducing the risks associated with holding them at your own facilities
  • You can operate as a paperless office and meet your companies sustainability goals and targets
  • Mail scans can be automatically shared with the relevant team member depending on the workflow you create
  • We have dedicated account managers who will support you with the setup and assist with bespoke needs
  • You can send digital alerts such as email and SMS to team members when mail arrives for them
  • Benefit from our recycling system to reduce the impact your business has on the environment

Digital mailroom automation workflow example

To help you understand the steps you’ll follow when outsourcing your mailroom, we’ve outlined the steps from creating your account to automating the way your business handles its mail.

Some businesses will have bespoke requirements which we can factor into their workflow on a case-by-case basis, but a standard scenario would be as follows:

  1. Account creation - You’ll need an account before getting started, which means choosing a virtual address and mail plan. It’s easy to upgrade or downgrade at any time, or you can contact us if you’d like help selecting the right account for your business. You’ll have to verify your identity, and when you’re approved, you’ll be allocated your unique virtual address and have access to our platform.
  2. Update address information - You should update your delivery address information across your contacts when you have your virtual address. This could be information with contractors, clients, freelancers, suppliers, online marketplaces, HMRC, and more. 
  3. Mail redirection - You may benefit from setting up a redirection service while your contact and address information is updated with your new virtual address. This will redirect any mail sent to your previous mailroom to your digital address where we’ll receive it on your behalf.
  4. Receiving mail - When any mail is sent to your virtual address it will be delivered to our mail sorting facility. We have a dedicated mailroom team who are trained to securely receive and handle your mail. Once received, we’ll scan the outside of the envelope or take a photo of a parcel and upload this to your account.
  5. Workflows & automations - Set up digital notifications that alert team members when you’ve received mail that needs their attention. Send an alert to one or multiple recipients via email or SMS and they can instantly view the new mail item.
  6. Accessing post - You’ll be notified when a new mail item has been added to your account, and from this point onwards, you have access to our mail management features. Just log into our platform on your PC or use or mobile and tablet app to view a feed of received mail.
  7. Online mail management - With any received mail items you have many options on what to do next. As an example, you can request that we open a letter and scan the contents so that you can read it online, or ask us to forward the letter to someone else. Please refer to our outsources mailroom features section for more information about the options you have.
  8. Integrations - Our platform integrates with popular cloud solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox, allowing you to create automated workflows. When mail arrives for your business, you can automatically allocate it into your cloud solution to make it accessible to the right people. We can advise you on the best way to automate your mailroom through integrations by getting in touch with our team.

Get started with digital mailroom automation

If you see the benefits of outsourcing your mailroom, you can view our plans and pricing by clicking the button below. We offer flexible plans for businesses of all sizes and we’re always open to discussing any bespoke solutions you may need. If you’d like to speak to us and find out more information, you can request a callback at a time convenient to you or use one of our alternative contact methods.

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