What is Hybrid Mail?

What is Hybrid mail and do I need it?

Being able to send letters to any postal address via the Internet (cloud postal service). 

Hybrid Mail involves an online interface where you either upload letter files or type your letter in an online word processor, ready for the post provider to print out, insert into an envelope and post for you the same day.

What are the advantages of hybrid mail?

For companies that are looking to streamline and improve their efficiency, the Hybrid mail solution offers exactly that. Many companies are now switching over to alternative hybrid mail solutions to send invoices and mailshots, for environmental and cost saving advantages. Benefiting from their own online mailroom hybrid mail will improve efficiency, increase productivity, streamline staffing and reduce costs with no capital expenditure. In today’s tough and competitive marketplace it is important to make sure all business keep costs down, productivity up and customer communications effective.

Hybrid Mail provider:

UK Postbox, the UK’s Premier Online Post Office system is an easy-to-use, secure and reliable cloud postal (hybrid mail) solution for sending your letters to any address in the world. You upload your letters directly from any desktop or business application, with no hardware or software investment, directly to our production facility where we print out, insert into an envelope and post for you the same day. You can be assured security is always of highest priority and you can be confident knowing that your documents and data are both encrypted by SSL 128bit until printed.

It is simple to use, no training required, no software to download and has flexible access from anywhere using Internet browser.

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Allan Chester
December 10, 2010