Earn commission when you refer people to UK Postbox

Start referring friends and family to UK Postbox and receive a commission for each of them that signs up to a paid account. Want to split the commission with the person you’re referring? Not a problem, choose to give them up to 50% of the commission payment, making it a win-win for everyone.

How it works

You earn a commission for every customer that signs up* to a Mail or Parcel Plan through your referral email or your unique referral ID. Send invitation emails directly from your UK Postbox account, or share your unique referral link (URL) on social media, your blog, website and more.

*New customers must successfully verify their identity and pay for their plan for commission to be paid.

Earn a 10% commission for any of the following:

What’s more, you’ll keep earning that commission for as long as the person renews their account!

Receive credit to your UK Postbox account or withdraw to Paypal

Payments can either be credited to your UK Postbox account and used against renewals and any other charges, including postage, or can be credited to your Paypal account.

To get started, login to your UK Postbox account, head to “Settings” and then Referral to get your unique Referral code.

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