Dropshipping and fulfilment for small & large businesses

We work with companies of all sizes, helping them to manage every aspect of their dropshipping and fulfilment business. Our service covers everything from storing your goods to preparing them for delivery and shipping them to your customers.

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Item handling & storage

  • Free storage for 30 days
  • Small cost per item after 30 day period
  • Paperwork removal service
  • Inbound goods inspection
  • Returned product inspection
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Fulfilment & shipping

  • Fast order fulfilment
  • No minimum volumes
  • Flexible arrangements
  • International shipping compliance
  • Access to a range of couriers
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Packaging, preparing & labelling

  • Product packaging service
  • Repackaging inbound goods
  • Adding inserts such as packing notes
  • Consolidating items into smaller shipments
  • Relabelling and rebagging
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Online store management

  • Order management
  • Stock control
  • Product images
  • Returns management
  • Shopify Partner
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Returns address service

Every fulfilment and dropshipping account comes with a free returns address for your customers to send faulty or unwanted items back to. We’ll receive, process and store any returned goods that you can then manage via our platform.


Item handling & storage

Send your products to us, and we’ll handle everything from inspecting your items to storing them safely.

Free storage for 30 days

All plans have 30 days free storage. Any items stored for longer than 30 days will incur a small cost per item per month. How much we charge depends on the size and weight of what’s being stored.

Removal of paperwork

If you need paperwork, such as delivery notes, supplier invoices or returns slips removed from incoming goods, our team can remove everything to ensure no information is passed on during the next shipment.


Whether for a new stock delivery or returned goods, our team is on-hand to inspect, stock check and report on any of your shipments directly through our platform.

Fulfilment & shipping

No matter where they’re going or how many there are, we’ll help get your orders to customers quickly.

Same day order fulfilment

Customers expect their orders to arrive quickly, and it’s a huge disadvantage if your deliveries take several days to arrive. All orders received by 2pm will be processed and shipped the same day, and we use a range of couriers to reduce the time it takes for goods to arrive.

International shipping compliance

If you’re shipping internationally, there are various rules you need to follow. EORI numbers, IOSS, harmony codes, commodity codes and more - we’ll help guide you through the various requirements to ship your goods abroad.

No minimum volumes and flexible agreements

Whether you’re shipping one item or thousands every day - our service is open to stores of all sizes. We’re flexible in the way we work. If there’s a custom process that you need us to follow, just let us know, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Get started with our dropshipping & fulfilment services

Provide us with some basic information so we can understand your requirements. A member of our business team will be in touch.

Packaging, preparing & labelling

Helping you prepare your goods so they reach your customers exactly how you want them to.

Packaging & repackaging

We can package and repackage any of the items you store with us. Whether you have branded packaging you’d like us to use or need help finding a solution that works, we have access to a wide range of options to ensure your goods are prepared just the way you want them to be.


Our team can include any inserts with each order. Whether that’s a thank you to customers, a discount on future orders, a request to follow on social media, or anything else - either provide your inserts, or we can help you produce them.


If you have multiple parcels or returns that need shipping elsewhere, we can consolidate them down into smaller shipments to help you save on costs. We’ll reduce the dimensions and weights while ensuring your items are protected and suitably packed.

Relabelling & rebagging (Amazon FBA)

We can help you meet the requirements when setting up Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA). Just supply us with the instructions and any associated documents and/or label sheets, and we’ll make sure your shipment is ready for delivery to Amazon.

Online store management

No matter which e-commerce platform you use, we can help you manage almost every aspect of your online store.

Order management, stock control & product listings

With user access to your online store, we can assist with stock control, product updates, image generation, product returns, and everything else needed to run your store. We’re flexible in how we work, and our goal is to take the hassle out of the day to day management of your online store.

Shopify Partner

As a Shopify Partner, we can link directly into your Shopify store to help with order fulfilment, stock adjustments, returns management and more. Setting up is easy. Just provide us with your Shopify Store URL, and we’ll send the invite for access.

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Security first

Serious about security

Our top priority is your goods and their security. Our out of town facility is covered by state of the art CCTV and alarm systems so we can ensure your inventory is protected at all times.

All post and parcels are allocated a bar code upon arrival. They are then recorded on our server and uploaded into your own dedicated password protected area of the server. Every UK Postbox customer has their own dedicated section on the server which they protect with their own login details.

Benefits of our product delivery and storage services

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Manage your online store remotely

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30 days free item storage

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Same day shipment of orders

Reduce your carriage costs

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No setup fees & low ongoing costs

Free returns address with all accounts

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How much does dropshipping & fulfilment cost?


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