A remote solution for physical mail

Our online mail management solution gives individuals and businesses the capability to work remotely while staying on top of their physical mail. Manage your mail via our online platform and utilise our integrations to seamlessly introduce UK Postbox into your existing workflows and cloud storage systems. If you need help understanding how this is done, drop our support team a message.

Google Grive and related applications

Google Drive™

Sync your UK Postbox mail inbox with Google Drive and automatically store, assign and manage your physical post using your favourite Google services. Control what happens to your mail when it arrives through our integrations, and seamlessly organise your mail using your existing workflow and cloud storage solutions.


Automatically have your UK Postbox mail sync with your Dropbox account toAutomatically have your UK Postbox mail sync with your Dropbox account to easily store, manage and share your physical post. Allocate physical mail items to projects and workflows across your team, without having to leave the Dropbox platform. easily store, manage and share your physical post.

Microsoft OneDrive

Our OneDrive integration means that you can integrate Office 365 apps such as SharePoint and Teams to manage your mail. Automatically assign inbound mail to folders or teams and stay on top of your physical mail while operating remotely.


Convert received mail into notes, attachments or memos within your Evernote account. Assign mail to your projects, documents and reminders to help you manage your correspondence. Use Evernote's OCR technology and turn your written letters into digital data to make it more manageable.

UK Postbox Zapier and Make Integrations

Integrate with thousands of applications with our connections to Zapier and Make.

UK Postbox envelope and contents scans trigger actions to your favourite applications using our Zapier or Make integrations. Automate your workflows to save time and seamlessly integrate your physical mail into digital applications.

Select triggers

Choose a UK Postbox trigger to begin your automated workflow.

Envelop scan

New Envelope Scan

Scan document

New Contents Scan

Connect applications

Select an app from Zapier or Make that you want your trigger to automate. Here are our top picks from thousands available to you:

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft To-Do
Click Send SMS
Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Quickbooks Online
Microsoft OneNote


Choose an action specific to your chosen app to finalise your automation. Here are some examples of popular actions:

Send a Slack message to a channel
UK Postbox + Slack
Send a new message to a Teams channel
UK Postbox + Teams
Create a new ticket from the scan
UK Postbox + Zendesk
Add the scan as a new item on a board
UK Postbox + Monday.com
Add the scan as a new lead
UK Postbox + Salesforce
Save the scan to Sharepoint
UK Postbox + Sharepoint
Create a new Xero bill from the scan
UK Postbox + Xero
Create a new Asana tasks with the scan
UK Postbox + Asana
Add the new scan as an Airtable record
UK Postbox + Airtable
Create an image note of the scan
UK Postbox + OneNote
Add the scan as a new Quickbooks bill
UK Postbox + Quickbooks
Create a new lead from the scan
UK Postbox + Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integrate UK Postbox using our API

Our API gives you everything you need to integrate our services into your existing platform or software solution. Use this functionality to seamlessly introduce our online mail management features into your own system.

Paper Airplane Icon

Send mail

Integrate our API into your software to automatically schedule, or manually process letter sends using your existing software. Our API will register your request and send it to the mailroom where we’ll handle the rest.

Read Documents Online Icon

View inbound mail

Use our API to view details about your received mail on your own platform. Filter your results based on the type of mail, when it was received and more.

Contact us about API integration

Contact our business team to learn more or get started with our API integration.

Contact us

Very impressed of quality and total offering

Very impressed on the quality of the website's user interface and find it very user friendly. The service offering is comprehensive and contains a wide range suitable to any requirements possible. For our business it means we can start small and apply for more services as our turnover develops traction. Thank you team UK Postbox. Keep up the good work!

Arnaud Kleinveld

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Your Privacy - Our Priority

Protecting your personal information is of the highest importance to us. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, we’re forbidden from sharing your information and if we’re ever asked to, we’ll alert you straight away.