Get a street address in...

  • Dorset, Poole (BH16)
  • North London (N13)
  • Central London (WC1N)
  • South London (SW19)
  • Westminster, Regent Street (W1)
  • Glasgow (G3)
  • Edinburgh (EH2)
  • Liverpool (L1)
  • Birmingham (B1)
  • Bristol (BS9)

Mail Forwarding and Virtual Mailboxes

So you’ve got a shiny new London street address, you’ve updated your stationery and we’re starting to receive your post. But what now? How do we get it to you?

This is where things get clever. Using our Online Mail App you’ve got complete control over how we handle your post. It’s mail forwarding but smarter. Open, read and archive your post online, or have it forwarded to you wherever you are. Choose to apply default settings to your account or decide what happens on an item-by-item basis. It’s up to you.

What about my parcels?

Each street address comes with its own dedicated Courier Point Address for your parcels and packages. Have us store deliveries until you’re ready for them, or we can forward them on to you wherever you are in the world.

Supercharge your mail with UK Postbox integrations

Connect your UK Postbox account with Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Evernote to integrate your physical mail with popular workflows, apps and cloud storage solutions.

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Why choose a Street Address?

london address rental

Prestigious London address

No setup fees and low monthly rental

International forwarding Icon

Forward mail and parcels worldwide

uk mailbox service

Present a professional image

read and manage post online

Read and manage your post online

Safe, secure, private mail management

Online post privacy

Your privacy Is Important

Protecting your privacy is of the highest importance to us. We’re subject to the General Data Protection Regulation which means we can’t and won’t reveal any personal information about you, even when requested.

Director's Service & Registered Office Addresses 

If you're starting a business in the UK, you'll need both a Registered Office Address and a Director's Service Address. Click the link below to find out more.

Business address Service
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