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Available on phone and tablet, download the UK Postbox app and manage your mail on the move.

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Manage your mail remotely from a smart device

The UK Postbox mobile & tablet app lets you do more than ever without having to access the full desktop platform. Download on any compatible device to easily access and manage your physical mail on the go. View your post, action mail items, forward on to another location, chat with our team, send letters online, and more.

The power of online mail management at your fingertips.

Dashboard overview

View a snapshot of important account information such as your Client ID, remaining monthly scan limits for mail, page scans and parcels, as well as your balance and transaction history.

Manage your inbox

Your inbox is where you can view all of your mail items and manage the actions you’d like to take on a case-by-case basis.

You’ll find a top-level view including an image scan, item number and the time and date it was uploaded to your account.

Click into a mail item to view more information such as the dimensions, timestamps and additional page scans. You can also take further actions, such as requesting that we:

  • Return to sender
  • Delete the item
  • Open & scan the contents
  • Scan any remaining pages
  • Forward it on to another location
  • Store it physically or digitally
  • Recycle or shred the mail item

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Contact the UK Postbox team

If you need to speak to a member of our team, you can do so within the app, making ongoing conversations easy to access and respond to.

We’ve made it easy to speak to the right team depending on why you’re getting in touch, helping us to resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible.

Here are the different departments you can send a message to directly in the app:

  • Customer services
  • Mailroom scanning
  • Mailroom forwarding
  • Technical support
  • Parcel management
  • Verification team
  • Banking
  • Compliance
  • N13 London Office

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Send letters online

If you need us to send a letter on your behalf, just upload the relevant information and documents within the app and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Upload a PDF of the letter you'd like to send (up to 50mb)
  • Tell us where you'd like your item delivered
  • Select your preferred shipping option
  • Add any additional notes for the UK Postbox team to see when processing your request

You will also see a checklist confirming the details of the shipping option selected, such as whether it’s signed for or tracked.

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Account Settings

Manage your UK Postbox account and easily view and update your information within the app. Whether you’re looking for your stored personal details, information around your renewal date, or the address we’ve provided you, we’ve made sure you have everything on-hand.

You can even customise your account, such as when you’ll be notified, the default action we take when receiving mail, and other options that let you personalise how UK Postbox works for you.

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