Mail and parcel forwarding overseas

This post will explore the options available to anyone who wants to forward mail or parcels overseas. If you’d like to learn what mail forwarding is as a standalone service, please check out our mail forwarding service blog where we cover all of the basics.

Some people need their mail forwarding service to send mail both domestically and internationally. For example, expats who have moved away from the UK may need some of their post forwarded to their overseas address.

Can you forward mail internationally?

Some mail forwarding providers will provide international mail forwarding services, but you can expect to pay an additional fee for this. For example, Royal Mail offers international mail forwarding, but as a standalone service that only lets you forward mail overseas. If you need to forward mail both domestically and internationally, you would need to purchase two separate services.

UK Postbox, on the other hand, allows you to pay for international mail forwarding on a case-by-case basis, without limiting your access to domestic mail forwarding services. If you need all of your post forwarded internationally for a set amount of time, then the Royal Mail service may suit you. But, if you’re expecting to forward mail overseas and within the UK you’ll have more flexibility with an all-in-one service.

Sending parcels overseas?
International Parcel Service

Not all mail forwarding services offer parcel forwarding; it requires more infrastructure and a physical location to store and handle packages. Here at UK Postbox, every customer is provided with a dedicated courier point address, which is essentially a location that they can have their parcels sent to. When we receive a parcel for you, it will be processed in our secure mailroom facility by our trainer in-house staff. We’ll store your packages for up to 30 days for free, ready for you to manage online through your UK Postbox account. No matter whether you want to send one parcel, or you’d like us to consolidate several before posting overseas, we have you covered.

Customs requirements

If you’re sending or receiving goods from abroad, you’ll need to bear in mind that there are additional checks, requirements and taxes that may be in place. This is based on UK custom requirements and your local laws. Before shipping any parcel internationally, make sure to read our page where we cover the custom requirements and how it’ll affect you.

When might you need to forward mail internationally?

At UK Postbox, we have customers from around the world who benefit from our international services. From expats, worldwide businesses to the individual e-retailer; if there’s a reason to get something shipped from the UK overseas, you can bet we have a customer using our service for it.


Expats who have moved overseas are still likely to receive UK mail. Using an international mail forwarding service, they can have their important post sent to their new location for them to action.

Shop & Ship

If you’ve moved away from the UK, or there are just some UK products that you can’t live without, be sure to check out our shop & ship solution. Order your favourite UK products online, get them sent to us, and we’ll forward them on to you overseas. Perfect for those goods that don’t offer international postage themselves!

Worldwide businesses

Business operating across the globe will find themselves needing to send mail and parcels between their premises and to overseas clients or customers.

E-retail and dropshipping

E-retailers and dropshippers are also prime candidates for international mail forwarding. It can be used to have your parcel sent to customers overseas, or to get UK goods to you, ready to sell online. We also offer fulfilment services, so check that out if you plan on forwarding a lot of parcels!

Away from the UK home

Whether it’s a short holiday or a lengthy trip, while away from home, there may be some important mail you need to be forwarded on to you.

How easy is it to forward mail internationally with UK Postbox?

Forwarding mail internationally with UK Postbox is easy. Everyone account comes with the features readily available for you to use - how much you pay depends on the plan type and address you chose.

We give you the flexibility to forward mail whenever you need to, and won’t limit your access to features based on your plan type. If you want to find out more about how easy it is to forward mail through UK Postbox, we recommend that you watch our video tutorial: Letter & Parcel Forwarding.

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