Upload and send letters from anywhere

Simply upload your letter into our platform, provide a delivery address, select a postage option and we’ll post your mail from our UK mail sorting facility. Everything your post office offers, but easily accessed online.

As standard, we’ll use 100gsm paper and envelopes and print in full colour. If you have any unique requirements, such as inserting flyers, stapling, binding and laminating, we’re happy to accommodate any requests.

Why send your letters online?

Individuals and companies across the world are utilising our send letters online service as the new way of handling their outbound mail.

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Avoid international postage costs

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Save time and money visiting post offices

London Street address

Send letters quickly from within the UK

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Choose from a list of UK postal couriers

Drag and Drop

Quick, easy and intuitive to use

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Go paperless. No need for stationery

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View updates on trackable mail within the platform

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Only pay when you send a letter

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Send letters from anywhere worldwide

Outbound mail management for business

If you’re a company sending outgoing mail, we’ve created a solution that allows multiple users to send business mail while giving you full control over their permissions. Whether it’s sending a single letter, invoices, personalised mail or marketing - easily manage everything within one platform.

Encryption Keys

Choose an account admin

You’ll need one account admin who has control over everything else. They’ll be able to create newprofiles, add users, upload addresses and review history logs.

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Create profiles

Each profile has unique settings, users, addresses and postage options, as set by the admin. Create as many profiles as you need and choose custom setups for different departments and teams.

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Add users

Set up users in your spaces and control their permissions. Users will only have access to the addresses and postage options set at the profile level.

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Upload addresses

Add addresses to each profile by uploading vCard and CSV files, or by entering them manually. Control which users and profiles have the option of sending mail to each address, or allow users to add their own addresses as and when they need to.

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Set postage options

Admins can also select which postage options are available to each space and user, such as Royal Mail First Class or Second Class.

Laptop with Analytics

Review history logs

At any time, the account admin can view the history of each user and space to view the number of letters sent, where they were sent to and more.

Privacy protected

Security first

Protecting your and your recipient’s security is of paramount importance to us. We’re a private limited company registered in England and Wales operating out of a single secure UK sorting facility. We’re subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, which means we protect all of your information - something we take very seriously.

Plans and pricing

We offer flexible plans for individuals and businesses that can be scaled up or down depending on the number of letters you send each month. Plans range from a free UK Box with pay-as-you-go plans to paid virtual addresses and higher volume plans.

Sending up to 100 letters per month?

View Plans & Pricing

Every account comes with the option to send letters online. For lower volumes, you can sign up and start using this service after verifying your identity.

Sending over 100 letters per month?

Contact Us for a quote

If you’re regularly sending large amounts of mail, let us know your requirements and we’ll work with you to find the most suitable plan.

Who’s using our send letters online service?

Individuals and businesses across the globe are benefitting from our send letters online service in many ways.

Start ups

  • Companies house filing submissions
  • Complaint handling
  • Thank you letters
  • Marketing mailshots
  • Legal filings
  • Avoid the costs of printers and stationery


  • Sending letters to family and friends
  • Providing documents or information to UK organisations, such as accountants, legal HMRC, pensions and more
  • Respond to UK correspondence


  • Order inserts, such as thank you letters, vouchers, and discounts
  • Marketing mailshots targeting businesses or individuals
  • Sending product samples

Office environments

  • Sending monthly statements or account information to customers and clients
  • Confirming bookings and events
  • Sending policy paperwork

Public services

  • Sending payment reminders or updated bills
  • Sending information requests, such as voting registrations and censuses
  • Responding to letters or documents sent from the public or suppliers

Financial services

  • Bulk mailing to all clients, such as business updates and marketing mailshots
  • Providing account updates, such as statements and fees
  • Sending default and payment notices

Overseas nationals

  • Contacting UK organisations while living overseas
  • Providing documents and information in preparation for a move to the UK
  • Sending letters to family and friends living in the UK


  • Onboarding customers and providing donation information
  • Thank you letters
  • Adoption and welcome packs
  • Marketing mailshots
  • Flyers and newsletters

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Send letters online FAQs

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Is there a limit on the amount of letters I can send?


Can I attach other documents to my letters?


Why do I need a virtual address or PO Box, I just want to send a letter?

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