Online Post Office

Our Online Postage Service lets you quickly and securely write and send letters in the UK. Simply upload your letters and we’ll print and send on your behalf.

Same day online postage

If you’re overseas and need important letters delivered to the UK, relying on international postal services can be tricky. All UK Postbox accounts, even free ones, include the ability to have written letters printed and sent. As soon as you’ve written your letter, we’ll print and pass it to Royal Mail so you can be sure it arrives quickly and safely.

Track important letters and documents

For your most important post, we can send using Royal Mail’s Next Day Delivery or Signed For Services - get proof of delivery and guarantee prompt arrival of your letters.

Plans and pricing

All of our plans, including the pay-as-you-go, give you a free PO Box Address in the UK, and the ability to send post online. Choose a plan that suits you best, sign up, and get ready to send and receive post - from wherever you are in the world.

Privacy First

Protecting your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We’re a private limited company, registered in England and Wales, operating out of a single secure UK sorting facility. We’re subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, which means we have to protect all of your information - something we take very seriously.

Sending up to 100 letters per month?

All our accounts come with the option to send letters online. For lower volumes you can sign up online and start using this service upon completion of identity verification.

Sending over 100 letters per month?

Let us know your requirements by completing a quick online form, and a member of our team will be in touch with the best plans for your needs.

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Frequently asked questions about sending letters online:

  1. How can I send letters online?

    Sign up for a UK Postbox account, write your letter offline in Microsoft Word or similar, save as a PDF, then upload to us and tell us where it should be sent to.

  2. My post is private, how can I be sure of confidentiality?

    We work from a single sorting and processing office in the UK. This means that we can keep levels of security high, whilst maintaining a constant watch over our team and more importantly, your post.

  3. How long does it take to send post online?

    Assuming you already have an account with us, it can take as little as a couple of minutes. Once you’ve written your letter, upload the PDF and you’re done.

  4. Is there a limit on the amount of letters I can send?

    No, you can send as many letters as you like.

  5. Can I attach other documents to my letters?

    Yes, when you upload your PDF for us to print, just make sure that your additional documents are included, so we can print and send those too.

  6. Why do I need a PO Box, I just want to send a letter?

    All of our plans include a free PO Box for you to use if you wish - it's your choice.