Choose a Free PO Box or a London Street Address

Free UK Postal Address – PO Boxes

Need a free mailing address in the UK? Choose from one of our PO Box locations, and only pay for the post you receive. Free setup and no on-going rental, don’t pay a penny until you start receiving mail. Your new address comes with our Online Mail App, so you can send, receive and manage your post, just like you do email.

Free Uk PO Box Address

UK Street Address

Looking for something with a bit more prestige? Our London Street Addresses give you a physical presence, right in the centre of the UK’s capital. Free setup, low-ongoing rental, and 24/7 access to our smart mail management app.

Renting A London Street Address
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Mail & Parcel Forwarding

So, you’ve got your PO Box or Street Address, and you’re wondering how you’re going to receive your post?

Virtual Mail Management & Forwarding

Your new UK address comes as standard with our Smart Mail Management App. Log in and control how your post is handled, from anywhere, at any time. Need something sent on to you? Not a problem. Want to choose which items we scan, and which remain closed? Fine. Need us to forward some mail to one place, and others elsewhere? Just ask.

International Mail Forwarding

Free address for your parcels

Every UK Postbox account comes with a free address for your parcels. Have them shipped to us and we can either store them or send them to you.

Parcel Forwarding Service
Post privacy protection

Privacy protection as standard

Your privacy is our highest priority. Being subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, we can’t and won’t, ever disclose your personal information.

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