Managing Mail At Multiple Addresses

Managing post across multiple addresses can be time-consuming, difficult to manage, and unsafe. Postal communications can include important items of correspondence, such as bills, statements and legal documents. This means that if you’re unable to access your mail at any time, you could be missing information that needs your immediate attention. We’ve explained why and how someone may manage mail at multiple addresses, as well as a solution to solve the problem.

Can I have two postal addresses?

You can only have one residential address if you live in the UK. This is an address that you can prove you live at for more than 183 days of the year. However, you can have as many correspondence addresses as you need, which is an address that you can be officially contacted at, but it’s not somewhere that you live. This means that any individual can receive mail at multiple addresses, depending on the address they used at the time of sign up or when giving their delivery address. 

Who might have multiple addresses?

Individuals and businesses may have more than one address for multiple reasons, and in some cases, it can be beneficial or necessary. However, as your personal life or the way your business operates changes over time, you may find that managing mail across more than one address becomes problematic. A recent example of this is the Covid pandemic, which led to many individuals and businesses adopting a remote lifestyle that changed how they received and distributed postal communications. Some of the types of people that may be receiving mail at more than one address include:

  • Anyone living across more than one location, such as students
  • Individuals living overseas that still receive UK correspondence
  • People who live in temporary locations and move around often
  • Landlords who are renting their properties
  • Businesses that operate from more than one location
  • Influencers and celebrities that want to protect their home address
  • Someone who is in care but still owns or receives mail at their home

How to manage post at more than one address

Having a single centralised location to receive and distribute your letters and parcels is more manageable than doing so across several addresses, but it’s not always possible to do so. If you’re using traditional addresses, you’ll need someone to let you know when post arrives, forward it on, securely save it and more. This can become expensive, unreliable and ultimately, it won’t solve the problem in the first place. For these reasons, many individuals and businesses choose to use a virtual address and online mail management system to manage their post centrally.

Virtual address management

A virtual address is always considered a correspondence address as it’s not somewhere that you can officially live. They’re just like regular addresses, and you can use them to receive mail and parcels without ever visiting the location. If you sign up for a virtual address, you can update your delivery address records to send future correspondence to that location rather than your home or other addresses. Once mail arrives at the address, you can take advantage of mail management services, such as those available through our app and platform.

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Online mail management

Online mail management refers to the way you handle any incoming and outgoing mail from your virtual address. It’s essentially different actions you can take, just as if you physically had the mail yourself, except it’s all done through our platform or app. This service, alongside a virtual address, gives you a centralised location that you can use to manage all of your post, no matter where you are in the world. 

What are the benefits of a central mailing system?

Managing your mail from one address can offer many benefits to individuals and businesses that otherwise receive post across multiple locations. Some of the most common benefits include:

  1. Accessibility - You don’t need to rely on family, friends or anyone else to handle mail at one of your addresses. Our dedicated mailing team is available to scan your mail, process any requests, and support you. Just let us know what you’d like to happen with your post via our platform and we’ll make it happen.
  2. Security - If you’re relying on others to receive your mail, or you’re leaving it unopened at an address for a long period of time, items may get lost or stolen. Our team is trained to receive, store, and handle your mail items securely, and our sorting facility has 24/7 surveillance.
  3. Future-proofing - Regardless of how many addresses you move to or obtain in the future, you can continue to use your virtual address for all of your mailing needs. This means that as life changes around you, you won’t have to keep updating your address information, saving you from future frustrations.
  4. Reliability - Our service reliably receives, uploads and distributes mail for all of our customers, with a dedicated team that’s trained to do so. You’ll no longer have to rely on other people to correctly handle your mail or leave extended periods between receiving and opening your post.
  5. Remote access - Using our platform or app, you’ll have access to your mail and additional account features from wherever you are. This removes the need for physical interaction with your mail items and makes it easier to keep on top of your post as you move around.
  6. Costs - If you have a dedicated mailroom or pay to receive mail, then our service may help you cut down on the costs associated with mail management. Businesses can relieve the pressure of needing a physical mailroom and mail sorting staff and instead move to a more modern, cheaper solution.
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