Data Handling & GDPR

Learn about the processes we have in place and how your data is handled.

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Committed to responsible & secure data protection

UK Postbox is committed to securely handling, storing and disposing of all customer data, as well as being clear on how we achieve this, and what happens to your data throughout the entire process. We have distinct policies for both the physical and digital handling of mail that detail the actions we’re taking, as well as our GDPR statement.

Because we know that our personal and business customers use our service in varying ways, we’ve created the below flow to illustrate what’s happening to your data and mail items throughout the lifecycle of UK Postbox.

1. Creating your account

When signing up to our service, we’re required by law to collect sufficient evidence to confirm your identity. This process, named Know Your Customer (KYC), requires you to upload some of your personal documents and data such as a passport, driving license or identity card. We request this information solely for the purpose of confirming your identity, and we will securely store the records needed for us to comply with legal requirements in our cloud storage solution. All customer information is processed and handled in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulatory (GDPR), and we only request information that is necessary to create your account.

2. Our secure mailing facility

Once you’ve signed up, the first touchpoint with your physical mail items is when something arrives for you at your UK Postbox address. All mail is delivered to our secure mail sorting facility, which is protected by CCTV, locks and alarm systems, reinforced fencing and gated access.  A security cleared team member must accompany all site visitors, and public access to the site is not permitted. A trained member of staff will receive all mail delivered by pre-approved couriers before being deposited in our mailroom, ready for processing.

3. Physical & digital processing of your mail

Members of our mail processing team will then upload a scan of the outside contents of mail items before assigning a unique barcode and sending a notification to your account. Alternatively, if you’ve set up an automatic workflow and request mail is open and scanned upon receival, the mail contents will be viewable from your account.

Once your mail has been digitised, the scanned image is stored in the Azure UK South Data Center, a secure cloud platform provided by Microsoft. Using our online mail management platform, iPostalMail, individuals can request certain actions for their mail items which will be carried out by a member of the team. Until you let us know what to do next, we’ll store your physical mail items within our secure facility.

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