What is Reverse Hybrid Mail

Reverse hybrid mail refers to individuals and businesses receiving letters and parcels remotely. It’s the opposite side of the hybrid mail process, and when used in conjunction with one another, inbound and outbound mail can be managed digitally. 

How does the reverse hybrid mail process work?

The below steps describes the general reverse hybrid mail process, which is what happens when mail arrives for you at UK Postbox. You can adjust this process to suit your personal or business needs, which is something we can help you with once you’re up and running.

  1. When you create an account with us, you’ll be allocated a unique virtual address for all mail and parcel deliveries.
  2. Use your virtual address instead of your home or office location for any deliveries you want to receive remotely.
  3. Your mail will be delivered to our secure mail sorting facility, where a team member will receive it on your behalf.
  4. We’ll scan the outside envelope or take a photo of the parcel before storing your physical mail item.
  5. You’ll receive a notification via your account that mail has arrived for you, where you can view the scan or photo relating to the item.
  6. What happens next is up to you, and you have a range of options such as asking us to open an envelope and scanning the letter, forwarding mail to another location, safely destroying post and more. To learn more about the options you have, visit our platform features page.
You can customise what happens when you receive mail, such as having letters automatically scanned or integrating our system with cloud solutions and platforms

What is hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail is another service our customers can use to manage mail remotely. Instead of receiving mail, hybrid mail refers to the process of sending letters online. Businesses and individuals can upload documents and ask us to send them on their behalf without ever having to leave their office or home. To learn more, visit our blog What is hybrid mail?

What are the benefits of reverse hybrid mail?

Reverse hybrid mail provides more flexibility for individuals and businesses in how they receive mail. People across the globe use it to receive post within the UK that can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Businesses can access their mail remotely, meaning their employees can work from any location.
  • You’ll never have to provide your personal or home address for receiving mail, adding an additional layer of security.
  • Hybrid mail removes the need for a physical mailroom, allowing companies to save on space and resources.
  • People living overseas can still receive, read and respond to any UK mail correspondence they receive, such as expats who have since moved away but still need access to post.
  • Anyone who isn’t regularly able to collect their mail can avoid the chance of missing something important.
  • Accessing and storing previous mail is easier, and you won’t have to worry about storing or losing access to items.

What is reverse hybrid mail used for?

Many people and companies adopt reverse hybrid mail for various reasons, but at its core, it makes receiving UK mail easier and more accessible. Here are some examples of what hybrid mail is used for:

  1. Reading letters from any location across the globe.
  2. Storing digital and/or physical versions of received letters.
  3. Automating the way a business receives and manages inbound mail.
  4. To separate business correspondence from personal mail.
  5. Buying UK products that don’t ship internationally and forwarding them overseas.
  6. For receiving mail at a central location while moving addresses or regularly travelling.

Why choose UK Postbox for reverse hybrid mail?

An effective reverse hybrid mail process relies on two components, a virtual address and a platform to view your mail online. We’ve developed an easy-to-use and reliable solution that provides you with market-leading reverse hybrid mail services. Our mail management services also offer you all the functionality you’d have if you were physically handling mail yourself, meaning you can move to a fully remote solution without missing out on the features you need. We’ve helped thousands of individual customers and businesses move to a reverse hybrid mail system, and you can view our Trustpilot reviews to see what they’re saying about us.

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