Sending prohibited goods and restricted items

Reviewed: 1st September 2022

It is the responsibility of our customers themselves to ensure that any goods being processed through our services do not contain prohibited materials or items and ensure that they comply with regulations, directives & standards, including  but not limited to UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed). In cases where we have reasonable suspicion that mail violates these terms, we will delay the processing of your mail while we carry out additional security checks. This may lead to processing delays, the opening of mail, and retention of goods.

If mail is found to contain any prohibited goods, we retain the right to withhold and dispose of the items where necessary. We will liaise with the relevant authorities and pass on any information where a crime is being committed.

In addition to our internal policies, we also have to comply with the external postal/courier services and their relevant transport regulators. If we fail to comply when putting items into their networks, we can be in breach of the legal requirements, including for the transport of dangerous goods which is a criminal offence. We, therefore, adhere to their respective policies on prohibited goods and items that are processed via our facilities. As such, we will remain diligent in ensuring that our customers, and their mail, comply with all relevant policies.

You can find more information about which goods are prohibited or restricted by couriers, please click the links below. If you are importing or exporting goods, please refer to our blog post about Moving goods in and out of the UK.