Get a parcel address in the UK

Use a UK parcel address for receiving packages in the UK, no matter where you are. We’ll receive the parcel on your behalf and can forward it to any other delivery address across the globe.

How do parcel addresses work?

You can use our virtual parcel addresses to receive any parcels with a UK delivery option. Instead of using your home address or missing out on goods because you don’t have a UK address, our parcel address can be used instead. Here’s how they work:

  • After you sign up, we’ll provide you with a unique address to use for receiving parcels.
  • When you need something delivered to the UK, use the address we allocated to you instead for the delivery information.
  • We’ll receive it at our secure mailing facility on your behalf.
  • You’ll receive a notification that your parcel has arrived alongside a photo of the shipment on our platform.
  • After this, you can manage your parcel remotely. Whether that's asking us to store your parcel or forward it to another address, it’s up to you.

Protecting your privacy

A parcel address will help hide your real address when handing out your delivery information. Regardless of whether this is because you’re famous or have personal reasons for not sharing your address, we can help to protect your real location.

What are the benefits of our parcel address service?

How you use and benefit from your parcel address is up to you. Our customers vary from international shoppers who buy UK products to influencers that need address privacy. Some of the common reasons customers use our parcel address service is as follows:

start a limited company in the uk
Shop & Ship

Shop and access UK brands no matter where you live across the globe

registered business address

Protect your home address by using your virtual parcel address instead

address for companies

Store parcels free for 30 days while you decide what to do with them next

online mail management app
Flexible pricing

Our parcel addresses are free, only pay for the parcels you receive with our PAYG mail plan

international mail forwarding
Save on shipping

Consolidate multiple parcels before shipping internationally to save on transport costs

low cost plans and pricing
Online Mail Management

Forward parcels to any other address across the globe using our platform or app

Are you an e-retailer?

We have a dedicated service for online sellers that offers even more benefits than a parcel address. We’ll provide you with a physical UK location to store and dispatch orders from, as well as a free returns address for any goods that are sent back to you. Learn more by following the button below.


FREE parcel address with pay-as-you-go plan

No monthly subscription, just pay for the parcels you receive.

£6.00 per parcel received
Sign up now to PAYG
Looking for higher volumes? Browse plans

Forwarding, storage & other costs

Outside of your parcel address plan, you’ll be charged on a case-by-case basis for using some of our services. You can find a full summary, including the costs, by visiting our pricing guide, but some of the most relevant things to note for parcel addresses are as follows:


When you forward a single package, we’ll charge you a forwarding fee. How much depends on how large the item you’re forwarding is.


All parcel plans include 30 day free storage on every item. After 30 days, you’ll be charged a monthly cost depending on the size of your mail items.

Parcel consolidation

If you have multiple parcels, we can consolidate them into a single shipment before forwarding them, helping you to reduce your costs.

Receiving letters

Any letters you receive will be charged equal to how much it would cost on a letter pay-as-you-go plan.


When you ask us to forward or post anything, there will be an additional cost to ship the item through our courier partners.

Manage your parcels remotely

All parcel plans come with access to our online mail management platform. Available in a browser or as an iOS and Android app, it gives you everything you need to manage your parcels. You’ll receive a notification via our platform when something arrives for you, and you’ll just need to log in to take actions such as asking us to forward an item.

Learn about our other address types

Parcel addresses are one of several types of virtual addresses we offer. Each address is suited towards different people and needs, so learn more about our options by following the links below.

Online post privacy

Your privacy Is Important

Your privacy is of the highest importance to us, and we'll always ensure that it's protected. Being governed by the General Data Protection Regulation, we're forbidden from sharing your information, and if we're ever asked to , we'll alert you straight away.

Get your UK parcel address

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