Introducing The UK Postbox Dashboard

Our new digital dashboard makes it easier than ever to view a snapshot of your account and manage your mail online. Your dashboard acts as an overview for the most important account actions and information, alerting you to new mail, outstanding items, and providing some tips about using our service.

Dashboard overview

When you log into your account, you’ll be taken straight to your dashboard overview which contains several areas designed to make online mail management easier. We’ve explained each section of your dashboard below to help you understand what you’re seeing.

Account warning messages

We’ll show you an account warning message if you need to take action to protect your account, such as renewing your subscription or updating your payment method. Please review your account as soon as possible if you see one of these messages appear. Once you’ve taken the appropriate action, you’ll stop seeing the warning message.

Platform announcements

If we’ve got something to announce, you’ll see a message at the top of your digital dashboard. Click on the announcement to learn more about the update we’re sharing.

Message pop-up

From time to time you'll see a pop-up on your digital dashboard. You’ll only see this when there’s something important we need to tell you, such as:

  1. Top-up - Your account needs to be topped up to continue accessing paid mail management features.
  2. Storage charges - You have items that will start to incur storage charges soon.
  3. Renewal - Your account is coming up for renewal, and you need to confirm your account plan.
  4. Welcome message - When you first log into your account, we’ll show you a brief message welcoming you to the platform.

Quick links

If you need to top-up your account, view your recent transactions or see a statement of the letter and parcel activity on your account, use our quick links to navigate to these areas of your account.

Items needing your attention

If you see any items in this section of your digital dashboard, it means that we need to take additional actions to resolve outstanding items. There are 3 types of messages you may see here:

  1. Locked items - You've received mail, but you cannot access it until you take further action. This may be because you've received business mail as a personal user, the name on your post doesn't match your account, or the recipient isn't verified on your account.
  2. Forwarding batches - Forwarding batches - You have started but not completed or submitted a forwarding batch, or your account needs topping up before your items can be forwarded.
  3. Storage charges pending - You have mail nearing the end of our free 30 day storage period. Please review these items and decide whether to store them for a charge or have them forwarded or disposed of.

Account overview

This section of your dashboard gives you a snapshot of your current incoming and outgoing mail items. It’s an easy way to find out when new mail has arrived and tracking the progress of the other mail management services you’re using. You'll see the following on your dashboard:

  1. Mail - When new mail arrives at your address that you haven't actioned yet, we’ll show you how many items are ready for you.
  2. Mail scans - When we've processed one of your letter scanning requests, you’ll see the number of items that are ready to be viewed.
  3. Parcels - You can see the number of new parcels we’ve received for you that haven’t been viewed yet.
  4. Parcel scans - When we've processed your parcel scans, we'll show you a count of how many are ready to be viewed.
  5. Sends - After asking us to send a letter on your behalf, you can view this card for a quick update on whether it's still being processed.
  6. Forwarding - If we're in the process of forwarding any letters or parcels for you, you'll see a notification here letting you know that it is in our forwarding team’s processing queue.

Recent activity feed

Your activity feed gives you a view of the most recent actions that have been taken on your account, making it easy to reference previous activities. Whether that’s a recent top-up, renewal, scan, forwarding request, or you’ve received a letter or parcel; click on any entry in your feed to learn more about the activity.

Did you know?

We regularly publish blogs, guides, and articles to help our customers understand our service and the wider topic of mail and parcel management. Learn about making the most out of your account and stay up to date with important news about sending and receiving mail.

How do I access my inbox?

You can still use your account in the same way you did before, and you can find your inbox by using the left-hand navigation. Just click the mail icon to be taken to the view you’re used to.

Learn more about our platform

Our platform is full of handy features that are designed to help you manage your mail remotely, and we’re making regular updates to improve the functionality. Whether you signed up just for a virtual address or the functionality to forward mail overseas, all of our customers could benefit from the wider features we have on offer, which you can find more about by following the link below.

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