Online Post Management: Receive, Read and Forward Post

Send, receive and manage your post online – mail management made simple. Control your post from anywhere in the world. Give the impression you’re in the UK and protect your privacy. Never miss important post again. Supercharge your snail mail with our market-leading mail management software.

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Get a Virtual Address in the UK

Choose from our selection of virtual addresses when you sign up for a UK Postbox account. Start receiving mail to your new address by sharing it with your contacts and setting up a redirection from an existing address if needed.

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We scan your post

When your post arrives at our secure UK sorting facility, we’ll scan the envelope or take a photo of your parcel and upload them to our system. You’ll get a notification that new mail has arrived. Simply log into our platform, view the item preview and decide what you want to do next.

Your post is often private and confidential, so we give you complete control over how it’s handled. Only want us to scan unopened envelopes? No problem. Need us to automatically forward all mail to you? You can set this up via your account. Want us to scan the first page of each letter you receive? Fine by us. It’s your post, you tell us how it should be handled.

Read your mail online

If you’ve asked us to scan the contents of your letters, you’ll be able to read them online via our mail management software anywhere in the world, providing you have an internet connection. You can also connect Dropbox and Evernote to see your post in your favourite apps. Download digital items to save or print; you’ll never have to deal with the clutter of letters on your desk again.

Forward letters and parcels

Want to get physical copies of your letters or have them forwarded to someone else? No problem. You can request for items to be forwarded individually or as part of a batch to any address, anywhere in the world with competitive fees via popular shipping services. We handle your parcels too, and all addresses come with a free courier point address for you to have them sent to. Save money by consolidating multiple parcels into one consignment.

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Store mail items or request for them to be destroyed

Once you’ve read your mail online, you can ask us to destroy the physical and digital copies. We do our best to recycle non-confidential information, but again, your in control of how your post is destroyed, it just takes a few simple clicks on our platform. You may want us to store your letters for later viewing, or maybe you have some parcels that you want to consolidate with other expected deliveries. We’ll store your mail items for 30 days free of charge and offer competitive rates thereafter.

Send letters online

Our online UK postage service allows you to send a letter online. Upload letters to our platform, select from the Royal Mail postage options, add your recipient's address and we’ll send them for you. This service is really useful when a formal letter is required over email, or you are overseas and need to send a letter to the UK fast.

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Supercharge your mail with UK Postbox integrations

Connect your UK Postbox account with Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Evernote to integrate your physical mail with popular workflows, apps and cloud storage solutions.

Looking for Business or E-Retail Services?

We offer a range of addresses and services specifically designed for business and eCommerce use. To learn more about UK Postbox for business select an option below:

Benefits of our mail management

online mail management

Receive and read post online

(any time from anywhere)
Send post online

Send letters

(upload and we'll post)
Internet mail forwarding

Mail forwarding

(flexible forwarding)
UK Parcel Forwarding

Parcel forwarding

(and storage)
Post app online

Works with Dropbox and Evernote

(connect to your cloud)
Secure post management

Safe, secure and private

(UK based service)
protecting privacy

Ultimate privacy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We operate a single secure UK sorting facility, which is monitored 24/7, with access restricted to security cleared personnel. As a private limited company, we’re subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, which states we must protect and never disclose personal or confidential information. It’s our commitment to privacy and security that’s led to over 10,000 individuals and businesses trusting us to look after their post.

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