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Relocating Abroad

Relocating Abroad

How can we help you when relocating abroad?

If you're planning to or have relocated overseas, we can help you organise and manage your UK correspondence from wherever you are. If you're selling your home and still need a UK based address, redirect your mail to one of our virtual addresses and manage your mail online via our platform. We have a range of addresses suited to all circumstances, from personal to businesses uses. Here's how UK Postbox can prove useful when relocating abroad:

Permanent UK address

Through our address service, you can retain a UK presence regardless of where you are in the world. This can be a great way to manage all of your UK correspondence without the need for a physical location. For example, if you're still using a UK bank account, you can use your UK Postbox address for all of your banking mail or when applying for a card

Online mail management

During the transition of relocating, temporary addresses are sometimes needed as an interim, and having access to incoming UK mail wherever you are can help you to stay organised. Our UK based addresses can be used in place as either a temporary or permanent solution. We receive your mail, scan the outside of the envelope or package, and then let you know via our online platform that something has arrived for you. As long as you have a connected device, you can then ask us to open and scan, forward, store or destroy your items on a case-by-case basis. 

International mail & parcel forwarding

If you move overseas, but you opt to use a UK based virtual address to receive your post, there may be times where you need your mail forwarded on to you. Our international mail and parcel forwarding service are easy to access via our mail management platform, and you can forward items in bulk or individually depending on how urgently you need them.

UK Shop & Ship

Relocating overseas is an exciting venture, but there will always be those times where you crave your favourite UK products, or can't get your hands on what you need. Our shop and ship service is a great solution if retailers don't ship to your location, or you're ordering multiple items that become costly to post overseas. Have them delivered to the address we provide you, consolidate them, and we'll send them as a single consignment. Save money on shipping, and get access to goods otherwise unavailable to you. When an item can only be bought in-store and isn't available for delivery, our concierge service is on-hand to do the shopping for you.

What address & mail plan do we recommend for anyone relocating abroad?

If you’re unsure about your intended mail usage:

Dorset Street Address with PAYG Plan


If you’re expecting to receive up to 10 letters per month:

Dorset Street Address With Letter 10 Plan

Additional plans available for anyone expecting to receive more than 10 letters per month.

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Relocating Abroad

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