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International Shoppers

International Shoppers

For anyone living outside of the UK, their options for ordering UK goods and having them sent overseas can be extremely limited. Not all high street brands or online retailers will offer international shopping, or if they do, it can be an expensive affair. This can create situations where someone is unable to purchase something in the UK for use in another country. By utilising a service such as our International Shop and Ship, you have more options as to what you purchase and have delivered overseas. You'll also benefit from the additional features that come as standard with all UK Postbox accounts.

How can UK Postbox benefit international shoppers?

There are many different types of people who use UK Postbox for international shipping. Whether you're an expat looking to get their favourite UK product overseas or a fashionista hoping to purchase an exclusive UK release, our service can help get these parcels to you.

Consolidate parcels

Using our consolidation service, we can combine multiple parcels into a single package before forwarding it on to you. This can be a much cheaper way to have multiple parcels sent to you overseas, especially if you take advantage of your free 30-day parcel storage. Parcel consolidation is also a fantastic service to share with your friends. If you’re all purchasing UK goods, have them all delivered to your UK Postbox account and share on the saving.

Action parcels from your UK Postbox account

Have a parcel delivered to your UK Postbox address and control when and where you’d like it shipped through our app. You have complete control over your physical mail as long as you’re using a connected device. We’ll let you know when mail arrives and take a photo of the outside of the package for you to view.

Free storage

If you do decide that you don't immediately need access to a parcel, you can store it for free for up to 30 days. After this time, the following charges will apply:

Small parcels - £0.90 per month

Medium parcels - £1.50 per month

Large parcels - £3.00 per month

Parcel forwarding

Our international parcel forwarding service is what makes our service so useful for overseas shoppers. When you sign up to a UK Postbox account, you'll be provided with a free courier point address to receive your parcels. When a parcel arrives for you, you'll be notified and be given several options. If you're ready to receive the item overseas, simply let us know the address and we'll forward it on to you.

Reliable and secure

The privacy of our customers and their mail is of the utmost importance to us. We operate our services within a single sorting facility that can only be accessed by security cleared personnel. Our mail management app has an uptime of 99.9%, and we’re dedicated to ensuring our service runs hassle-free for all of our customers.

UK exclusive products

Some products may only be available in the UK, and some items such as clothing may have exclusive UK releases. This can create a situation where there is a demand for a product overseas without the retailer offering international shipping. By having these products shipped to your dedicated UK Postbox address within the UK, you can then request that we forward them overseas.

What address & mail plan do we suggest for international shoppers?

If you’re expecting to receive more than 4 parcels per month, then we recommend the following plan:

Free Parcel Address With Parcel 5

If you’re unsure on how many parcels you’ll be receiving, then you should opt for the following plan:

Free Parcel Address With Parcel PAYG

Additional plans are available to anyone planning to handle more than 9 parcels a month. View our pricing page for more details.

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