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Personal Assistants & Virtual PA's

Personal Assistants & Virtual PA's

As a personal assistant, whether that's in a physical office or through a virtual service offering, a large part of your job will revolve around keeping your client/manager organised. Whether that's making sure their appointments don't clash, ensuring that they have access to particular files or documents at the right time or managing their mail and responding to letters; your job revolves around making this whole process seamless, even if it's not so easy to handle behind the scenes. 

UK Postbox offers a variety of services that can benefit both traditional and virtual PA's, increasing your capabilities and enabling you to provide more services to your clients. Using our online mail management platform, you'll have round-the-clock access to any mail items and actioning them is easy. Scan the contents, store, forward, reply or destroy any of your post through your account, and increase the efficiency of your mail management.

Benefits of our software to personal assistants

Online mail management

When we receive your mail, we'll scan the envelope. From here, you can ask us to open it and scan the contents, forward it on to another location, scan and upload the document and a lot more. It can all be done online through our app, without needing to handle the physical mail.

Virtual addresses

Have all of your client's mail sent to their virtual address and remove the need for post to be forwarded to you directly. No matter where you are, you’ll have their post on hand if they require something actioned.

Business addresses

If your client is a business owner, our business address service is suitable for their registered office, business and trading address. Learn what the benefits of this are.

Mail storage

Regardless of whether you're handling the mail for one client or multiple, there will be important post that needs storing. Using our app, you can tell us what to store and what to destroy. 

Dropbox & Evernote integration

You can also connect your Dropbox & Evernote accounts to our app, making it seamless to store digital mail items alongside other important documents or files.

Reliable and secure service

Use our service knowing that your client's mail is in safe hands. We have 99.9% uptime; it's extremely unlikely you won't have access to the files you need.

Low-cost plan options

We have a variety of flexible plans starting from free pay-as-you-go options. Scale your usage with your demand and only pay for what you intend to use.

Referral programme

With our referral programme, you can earn 10% commission by getting others to sign up. When you take on a new client and sign them up for virtual mail management, not only will you benefit from increased capabilities, but we’ll also reward you for growing our platform!

Ways PA's use our service

Offer more enhanced services:

  • Incorporation services
  • Online mail management
  • Access to a personal, virtual mailbox

Streamline your approach to mail management:

  • Ease of managing around the clock, making it simple to action someone's request no matter where you are.
  • Reduce the fee/ complexity of having a clients mail forwarded to you, and having to handle physical post. Have it forwarded to UK Postbox and action it online.

Increase your flexibility:

  • You've chosen a virtual career for a reason, so you don't want to be restricted by a physical location or physical mail. With our solution, all of the mail will come to us, ready for you to view and action online.

Personal business address:

  • Our service isn't just for your clients; you can also benefit from a personal account. Register your business using one of our addresses and manage all of your associated mail online. You won't miss a mail enquiry if you're not at home again.

What address & mail plan do we suggest for personal assistants?

If you're setting up an account on behalf of your clients to manage their mail, we recommend the following:

Free PO Box with Letter 10

And if they're interested in using this address as their business address, we recommend the following:

Dorset Business Address with Letter 25

If you're looking for a virtual address for your business, we recommend the following:

Dorset Business Address with Letter 10

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Personal Assistants & Virtual PA's

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Personal Assistants & Virtual PA's
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