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Students will often relocate several times during their study, which can make it challenging to stay on top of their mail. Our online mail management and virtual address solution means that students can use a single address throughout their education to receive mail, with the option to read, store or destroy anything they receive via our platform.

How does UK Postbox help students?

Students have been using our services for an extra level of mail security when sharing accommodation, as well as a solution to regularly moving and having to update their address. Here are the main ways students use our services during their studies:

Permanent address

As a student, you may live in university halls, privately rented accommodation, on campus, or in a house-share. This is likely to vary year on year, and many UK universities will only offer some of their accommodation choices to first-year students. 

If you regularly change address, you’ll need to update all of your incoming mail to match your new address. This can be an extremely long list, take a lot of time, and it’s difficult to know if you’ve missed anything. This can lead to a loss or delay when receiving your mail items, meaning you could miss important mail or you’re at risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

By signing up to a virtual address and mail plan, you’ll be provided with an address to use for your mail correspondence. This address won’t change, so it can be helpful to use it throughout your student life rather than updating your information each year.

Online mail management

Having the ability to manage your mail online can help to solve some of the challenges students face with post. If you’re ever away from your student accommodation for a period of time, you’ll still be able to read and action any mail you receive. You can use our platform to store important mail for later reading, organise post into categories such as bills, or request that we securely dispose of it.

Mail security

If you’re living in shared accommodation, it’s likely that you’ll also be sharing a postbox, mail area or living space. In these cases, you can never be sure that your mail is being handled how you’d like it to be, and ultimately you’re relying on other people to receive your mail for you. 

Through our virtual address and online mail management service, you know that any mail received for you will be handled by security-cleared personnel in good time. You’ll receive a notification as soon as the mail arrives, and you’re in complete control of what happens next.

International students

Before you come to the UK, you may need to apply for financial services such as a bank account. These services often require a UK correspondence address to be provided during the application phases. A virtual address can be used in place of a correspondence address and can help you set up your services before you arrive in the UK.

If you’re applying for a service that requires a residential address, a UK Postbox virtual address will not be appropriate to use. Most providers will accept a correspondence address, but we advise that you confirm this with each individual supplier before signing up.

Flexible plans

We understand that being a student can be a financially challenging period, and our flexible mail plans and pay-as-you-go options can be a great way to access our service on a budget. You’ll only pay for the mail you receive, and you can keep your account for as long as you like. If you do find you’re using our service and would like to upgrade your mail plan, we’ve made this easy to do to.

What address and mail plan do we recommend for students?

If you’re unsure about your intended mail usage:

PO Box Address With Letter PAYG Plan

If you’re expecting to receive up to 10 letters per month:

PO Box Address With Letter 10 Plan

Additional plans available for anyone expecting to receive more than 10 letters per months

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