UK Address and Send – Online Shopping Solution

If you use online (internet) shopping from outside the UK this service is ideal as it allows you to order and have goods sent to your own UK Postbox address, we will collect, store and forward to you overseas.

Many internet sites will not ship goods outside the UK, but now with UK Postbox you can order goods from any UK based website and have them sent to your UK Postbox address. We will sign for all packages on your behalf and then upload the details of the package and a digital picture of the outside packaging to your secure online account. You then are able to request to have the item forwarded to any address worldwide or wait until more items arrive and then send a larger parcel – with UK Postbox you are in control.

If you experience any problems with online shops where your credit card is not registered to your UK Postbox address, we can debt you credit card and then process the order and payment on your behalf. There is a small handling charge (dependant on purchase type and value) for this extra service, please email us for further information.

Online shopping from outside the UK has never been easier

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