Who uses UK Postbox?

Vulnerable people

Vulnerable people

For some of our customers, address privacy is an important feature of their mail management due to instances of abuse, stalking or other similar circumstances. Our discreet, secure and confidential service can offer vulnerable people or those subject to abuse address protection and mail privacy.

How can a virtual address help vulnerable people?

A virtual address can be used to ‘shield’ the true location of those who require additional privacy to protect themselves against vulnerable circumstances. It acts as a secure solution for receiving and managing your mail without having to provide your home address, or handle post in-person. Some of the key features that help vulnerable people are as follows:

  1. View and manage mail online through our web platform - when we receive any postal items for you, we’ll upload the envelope ready for you to decide what to do with it.
  2. Forward mail - if there’s an important mail item that either you need in-person or sent to a trusted individual, you can request that we send it on for you.
  3. Send letters online - If you need to send a letter, let us know what needs to be said and where it’s going. We’ll send it on your behalf to UK addresses.
  4. Security and privacy - only you will have access to your UK Postbox account, and our secure operating facility and encryption means that your mail is kept confidential.
  5. Mail redirection - use your UK Postbox account as a designated mail redirection address. This means that you can automatically have any post sent to a home or previous address redirected to us, ready for you to manage online.

If you support a vulnerable person, maybe an elderly relative for example, with their permission you can also use our service to intercept their mail and help to protect them from potentially malicious or fraudulent activities.

Vulnerable people that use our service

  • Elderly people - Digitalising mail can help the elderly if they move into care or residential homes and need mail redirected from their previous address. 
  • Domestic abuse victims - use our service to increase address privacy or redirect if they have had to relocate as a result of domestic abuse.
  • People with learning disabilities or mental health conditions - People supporting those who may not be able to keep on top of their mail can assist with the management and actioning of important post via shared account access.
  • People with physical disabilities - Managing mail online can assist people that have mobility difficulties and aren’t able to collect or send their mail. 
  • Visual impairment - Using compatible screen reading software in conjunction with our digital mail solution, post can be read to you via a connected device.
  • Homeless - for anyone without a fixed abode, a UK Postbox address can act as an intermediary solution to receive mail, providing you have access to an internet-connected device and able to verify your identity.

Making mail management accessible for vulnerable people

We’re committed to providing address and mail solutions that are suitable for everyone. Our features have been developed to support everyone from vulnerable people to businesses. We understand that mail and address privacy can be difficult, so we offer the following support services:

UK based advisors.

Our UK based customer support team are available to discuss your specific postal privacy needs in the strictest of confidence, get in touch for more information.

Low cost and easy setup

We have a selection of address and plan options to suit all budgets so that everyone has UK Postbox as a solution. Account creation can be completed in a few simple steps to help you get up and running straight away, and our support team are on hand if needed.

Address types

We have a range of address types that are all suitable for different levels of use. This means that you have the option to not only receive letters, but handle bank cards, cheques, parcels and more in a secure manner.

Manage mail online

With our mail management software, vulnerable people can read, manage and send their post (to UK addresses) from the comfort of their home.

What address & mail plan do we suggest for vulnerable people?

Here are some suggested address and mail plan combinations that we think suit the requirements of vulnerable people. If you need help deciding the best option for you, our helpful customer service team is on hand to advise. 

If you’re just looking from some address privacy and don’t need to redirect mail then we would suggest:

Dorset PO Box with Letter 10

If you are on the move or need to redirect mail from an existing address then consider:

Poole street address with Letter 10

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Vulnerable people
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