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Dropshipping & Fulfilment

Dropshipping & Fulfilment

Dropshipping and fulfilment is an e-commerce model that doesn’t require any physical intervention from the seller themselves. For example, you set up an online store and sell goods to UK customers. When an order is placed, either the product manufacturer or a dedicated fulfilment company will handle the delivery of the item, without you, the seller, needing to get involved. Dropshippers facilitate sales and focus on marketing their products, and we have many services that can improve how dropshipping businesses operate.

Dropshipping, Fulfilment & UK Postbox

We’ve been helping dropshippers launch their business into the UK market, handling the processing and shipping of physical goods on their behalf. Our advanced mail management platform makes it easy to manage the day to day actions from any connected device. Here are some of the features dropshippers are using with us.

Returns Address

When you sign up for our service, you’ll be given a dedicated returns address for any parcels that are sent back to you. This address is separate from your business address and is required for many marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Include this address within your returns policy and website information, as it will help customers trust that your business is accountable should something go wrong.

Parcel storage

We offer 30 days free storage for your items, with competitive rates offered thereafter. Whether it’s to keep hold of several returns before consolidating them and forwarding them on to you, or to store your items while you generate sales, we can securely store and manage your mail items. The following storage rates will apply following the initial 30 day free period:

  • Letter - £0.12
  • Large Letter - £0.24
  • Small Parcel - £1.80
  • Medium Parcel - £3.00
  • Large Parcel - £4.80

Learn More: https://www.ukpostbox.com/pricing 

Order fulfilment

Our fulfilment services handle the processing of all orders on your behalf. From item storage to the packaging and sending of the goods, we can handle the physical element of your dropshipping business while you focus on other areas.

There are no minimum volumes or long term contracts, and our service is purposefully flexible so that we can accommodate various business needs. We’ll work with you to find a solution that works best, and we even offer same-day shipping for orders received by 2pm.

Online mail management

Our advanced mail management platform gives dropshippers the ability to action all of their mail from any connected device. Receive notifications when mail arrives from you, and tell us how you’d like it handled via your account. You can request that we open and scan mail, consolidate items into one package, set up auto-forwarding rules, tag your mail and more. For more information about the actions you can take in our platform, visit our platform features page.

Unique Address

We provide unique addresses that can be used for mail correspondence, when signing up for services, and many other applications that require an address. For example, to register a business in the UK, you’ll need to provide a suitable correspondence address. Similarly with banking, most will require that you provide a UK correspondence address before accepting your application. You may also be required to display your address publicly on your website, stationery and in emails. Many dropshippers don’t wish to use their personal home address, so they’ll opt for a service such as ours instead.

What address & mail plan do we suggest for dropshipping & fulfilment?

If you’re looking for value for money, we recommend:

Dorset business address & letter 10

If you want to appear as a business located in London, we recommend: 

London business address & letter 10

Pay as you go and higher volume mail plans are also available if you expect to receive fewer/more mail. Visit our pricing page for more information.

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Dropshipping & Fulfilment

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