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Sole Traders

Sole Traders

Sole Traders

When in the process of starting up a Sole Proprietorship business, there are many advantages to be gained from our services, both in the preliminary stages of your business and once everything has been set up. 

Business Expansion

Our virtual business addresses can give your sole trader business a physical presence in areas such as London and Dorset, without renting and buying a property. Doing so can save your company money whilst also providing you with access to all new markets and locales. 

Professional addresses 

With our virtual address service, you receive a much more professional-looking address that can be used on official company merchandise such as stationery, business cards and more.

Address privacy

In using one of our virtual addresses, you also avoid needing to put your personal, residential address on any documentation, allowing you to more effectively maintain your privacy.

Document storage & management

Our document management, scanning and storage service allows you to safely store and read important documents online. From here, you can back them up, create multiple copies in different locations, and easily share them when needed. This may even help you to save space in your workspace for other, more useful resources.

Online mail management app

As a Sole Trader, using our addresses provides access to our digital mail management app. This platform can help Sole Traders to manage all of their business mail online and separate it from day to day post; you can read, open and send business letters online through the app safely and securely.

What address & mail plan do we recommend for sole traders?

If you are looking to be seen as a London-based sole trader, we would recommend:

London business address & Letter 10 mail plan

For our best-value address and mail plan for sole traders, we would recommend the following (dependent on the amount of mail you anticipate receiving):

Dorset business address & Letter 10 mail plan

Dorset business address & Pay-as-you-go mail plan

Higher volume mail plans are also available if you expect to receive more mail. Visit our pricing page for more information.

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