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Mail Solutions For Expats

Mail Solutions For Expats

British expats across the world use our service to maintain a presence in the UK. If you’re just about to embark on a new adventure abroad or have already settled on sunnier shores then you’re likely looking for a mail forwarding and management solution to keep up to date with your UK correspondence and responsibilities.

Expats use our mail management software and virtual addresses to set up Royal Mail Redirection, forward mail and parcels internationally, and access their favourite UK high street brands. Whether you’re an Expat who has relocated for business, moving with your family to start a new life or retiring to spend your days on the beach, you may not want to completely cut off your ties with the UK. By keeping a fixed UK address, moving back or relocating elsewhere could save you a big headache in the future. Here’s how Expats use our service:

How Expats Use Our Service

Royal Mail Redirection

When you leave the UK you’ll likely be selling or letting your property so you’ll want to make sure that any post makes it way to wherever you are in the world. Royal Mail Redirection allows you to redirect your post to another address. Expats set up this service using our virtual addresses so that they can access and manage their mail online. What’s more, if they move again in the future they don’t need to update the redirection.

UK Correspondence Address

Expats use their UK Postbox address to maintain a range of UK based services such as health, financial and subscription offerings that require people to provide a UK correspondence address. Our varying address options available to you will be dependent on the specific services you need. We recommend that you check what types of virtual addresses your service provider accepts. For example, some organisations allow you to use a PO Box address, but others may require a Street Address.

International mail and parcel forwarding

One of the top features of our service for Expats is the ability to forward letters and parcels to wherever they are in the world. Using our software you can forward mail to one address today and change it tomorrow. Sometimes living abroad comes with new challenges and accessing mail isn’t always as easy as it was in the UK. Expats benefit from the flexibility to control when and where mail is forwarded, whether they’re on the move or in a location that has mail network challenges.

Access to UK brands

Moving abroad is an exciting time, but you may miss some of those home comforts that you can only get from the UK. Often, Expats find some UK retailers don’t ship internationally or the costs to do so are expensive. With a UK Postbox address, you can shop UK highstreet brands online, have them delivered to us and we’ll consolidate them into a single consignment before posting them on to you. Some Expats join forces and share their UK Postbox address with friends and family to save on shipping and split the cost. You may also benefit from our wrap and pack service on Birthdays and Christmas; shop your favourite retailers, and we’ll wrap and deliver them to the recipient on your behalf - you can even add personalised cards and gift tags by sending them to us in advance.

Managing mail online

Our market-leading mail management software provides Expats with powerful features to look after their post. With a UK Postbox address for correspondence, you’ll receive a scan of the envelope or delivery label when it arrives at our secure UK sorting facility via a notification or email. From here, you decide what happens next. With a simple few actions in our online platform, you can forward the item or consolidate it with others to save on shipping, store or request for it to be destroyed.

Reliable and secure service

We know your post is private and confidential. Tens of thousands of users have been trusting us for over a decade to receive, store and forward their mail. Operating from a single UK sorting facility with 24/7 monitoring and access restricted to security-cleared personnel, you can trust us to look after your mail. Our online software is protected by 256-bit encryption and 2-step authentication with 99.9% uptime and continuous monitoring.

Low cost and flexible pricing

We have a selection of addresses with varying features to suit your individual needs. Select an address, choose one of our mail plans depending on the volume of mail you expect to receive, and we’ll let you know how much it will cost. If you’re unsure of your intended usage, we even offer pay-as-you-go mail plans so you only need to pay for the mail received.

What address & mail plan do we suggest for Expats

Here are some suggested address and mail plan combinations that we think suit the requirements of Expats. If you need help deciding the best option for you, our helpful customer service team is on hand to advise. 

If you’re looking to set up a Royal Mail redirection for letters and don’t expect to handle parcels we would suggest going for:

Redirection Address with Letter 10

And if you want to receive and forward parcels as well as redirect letters we would suggest:

Dorset Street Address with Letter 10

If you’re not looking for redirection or letter services and just want to shop UK products then you’re best selecting:

Parcel Address with any plan that suits the number of parcels you expect to handle each month.

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