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Property Renters

Property Renters

With around 20% of the UK population renting their accommodation from a property owner, a good portion of us will regularly move from home to home. The shift in attitude towards property rental means that there are now many options for renters. Rather than saving to purchase their own property, they may simply move into a superior rental. However, all renters will need to consider how frequent moving affects their ability to manage their mail and keep track of important post.

UK Postbox features for renters

UK Postbox has been developed in a way that makes it easy for anyone to get a UK address and manage their mail online. Our features have different uses for varying people. Here are the ways renters utilise our service: 

Mail redirection

A mail redirection service will redirect any mail that is sent to an address to another address for a named person. Mail redirection is great for anyone who moves home as it helps get any mail that would otherwise arrive at a past address to their new location. However, if you're a renter and find that you frequently move, setting up mail redirection every time you move can become expensive.

As an example, if you move rental property several times in a short space, you'll need mail redirection for each one to ensure you are receiving mail from all of your past properties, not just your most recent. UK Postbox provides a solution for this situation through the use of a virtual address for your mail correspondence. Just set up a redirection to your UK Postbox address if you're moving and use this address for future post.

Permanent address

Having a single permanent address for your mail is a more flexible solution than updating your information every time you move. Your UK Postbox address will always remain the same and can act as a hub for all of your mailing needs. Once you combine our address service with our online mail management solution, it becomes simple to stay on top of your post.

Online mail management

Some mail requires urgent attention. During rental periods, there may be instances where there is a delay before you can view your mail. For example, if you have recently moved home, your post could be sent to your previous address and handled by a stranger. By receiving everything to your UK Postbox address, you can read and manage your mail online. Never miss important mail again.

Mail storage

Amongst the organisation that takes place when you're moving houses, it can be easy to forget about mail items. How often have you moved only to struggle to find an important piece of paper? Keeping your mail safe can also be challenging if you're renting a property with other tenants. It's too easy for mail to become lost in shared living spaces. Using UK Postbox, you can store your mail for free up to 30 days and for a competitive fee thereafter.

Intermediary address solution

Many renters will have the end goal of owning a property, but they're renting in the meantime to fulfil their need for accommodation. If you move often, you may find that you have mail being delivered to many of your previous addresses. Your UK Postbox account can be a great intermediary solution for managing your mail. Use your UK Postbox address while renting and when you do move into your own home, it will be more manageable for you to update your mailing preferences.

Mail privacy & security

Sharing a rental property may mean that your mail isn't completely secure. Even if there is no malicious behaviour taking place, it's easy to mishandle someone else's mail when multiple people live in the same household. Any mail received for you by UK Postbox will be handled in our single facility by security-cleared staff. With our online mail software you can digitise your letters to store and organise them on your devices, this solution means you no longer need to worry about the physical copies falling into the wrong hands. We have methods in place for the correct disposal of your mail upon request. Mail theft relies on fraudsters obtaining your personal information through mail that has been thrown out or uncollected, so we advise that everyone disposes of it correctly.

What address & mail plan do we suggest for a property renter?

If you’re using your UK Postbox address to redirect mail from a previous address, we recommend the following:

Redirection Address with Letter 10 mail plan

If you’re using your UK Postbox address to receive inbound mail, we recommend the following:

PO Box Address with Letter 10 mail plan

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