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Mobile accommodation

Mobile accommodation

If you live in mobile accommodation such as a mobile home or boat, it can be tricky to access all of your mail due to the fact you’re regularly on the move. Even if you’re staying in a boatyard or holiday parks for extended periods, updating your address every time may lead to mail being sent to a previous location and getting lost.

How does UK Postbox help those living in mobile accommodation?

Our services help to solve some of the common issues people living in mobile accommodation have with mail management. Using our services, you can benefit from online mail management features, such as reading, storing and actioning your mail online. You’ll be provided with a permanent address to use for all correspondence, and our private mail sorting facilities ensures your mail is private and handled in a secure way.

Mail forwarding

Our mail redirection service means that when we receive post for you, you can ask us to forward it on to another location. This can be useful if you need something forwarded on to your next temporary location. Mail forwarding is available for international use, so if you find yourself travelling overseas in your temporary accommodation, we can still get your post to you.

Online mail management

Access your mail while on the move using any connected device. When we receive something for you, we’ll let you know via our mail management platform. This removes the need to have mail sent to your next location ready for your arrival which can lead to delays and mismanagement of mail, and means when something urgent needs your attention, you’re able to act quickly.

Mail security

Relying on boatyards, holiday home clubs or other locations you temporarily visit means that you’re relying on strangers to receive and handle your mail. This can lead to mail being lost and requires clear communication between yourself and the person receiving your post. By using your UK Postbox address for mail, we’ll receive it at our private facility where it will be handled by security-cleared personnel.

Permanent address

Living in mobile accommodation has many benefits, but if you don’t have a permanent address for your mail correspondence, you may find some applications are rejected. This is especially true if you’re running a business and need a registered office address. UK Postbox addresses are suitable for most financial and online applications such as bank cards, Google Adsense and licenses. We advise that all customers check that our address is suitable for use with the provider before signing up applying for financial services.

Mail storage

If you’re on the move and receive post, but you’re not in a position to have it physically forwarded to you, we can store it for you until you’re ready to take action. All mail can be stored for 30 days free of charge, with competitive rates available thereafter.

Send letters online

Parked up in the middle of the Scottish Highlands but urgently need to send a letter? While travelling in mobile accommodation, you may find yourself in locations lacking the facilities to manage your mail. Through your UK Postbox account, you can request that we send a letter on your behalf - just tell us what you want it to say and where it’s going, we’ll handle the rest.

What address and mail plan do we recommend for those living in mobile accommodation? 

If you’re unsure about your intended mail usage:

PO Box Address With Letter PAYG Plan

If you’re expecting to receive up to 10 letters per month:

PO Box Address With Letter 10 Plan

If you run a business:

Business Address With Letter 10 Plan

Additional plans available for anyone expecting to receive more than 10 letters per month.

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