The Cars Not The Star

UK Expat, Charley was living in Antigua – already benefiting from the UK Postbox service when she went on a trip to Europe.

During the trip, Charley hired a car using her UK driving licence. Unfortunately for her, she was caught on aspeed camera whilst driving the hire car in Europe.

The car hire company tried to contact her on the phone number that she had given them, but by then Charley was already back in Antigua – completely unaware of what was happening in Europe. After numerous attempts to contact Charley by phone, the car hire company finally wrote to the address in the UK that her driving licence was registered to.

Because Charley had a UK Postbox address for all of her mail to be redirected to, fortunately for her, the letter was received at the UK Postbox sorting office where Charley was then notified of new mail. From there, she was able to log onto to her account on the UK Postbox secure server and action the post; which in this case, was to pay the speeding fine.

Had Charley not had her UK Postbox service in place, she would have carried on blissfully unaware, until eventually the speeding fine would have resulted in bad debt. This would have damaged her credit rating, which would then make it nigh-on impossible for Charley to hire a car in the future or to obtain other forms of credit.

This is just one of many case studies that illustrate just how important it is to keep control of (and maintain a watchful eye over) your postal mail – wherever you are in the world. This was a minor incident that could have potentially had much greater consequences.

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Allan Chester
April 15, 2016