How does it work?

Get a virtual address for your charity's address needs, such as receiving official correspondence, registering your charity, organising your inbound mail, and more.Combine this with our online platform and transform the way your Charity handles inbound and outbound mail. Send marketing mail and correspondence to donors, view your letter scans online, organise mail using tags and folders, and improve how your charity manages its post.

Official addresses for charities

Our UK correspondence addresses offer an alternative to a physical address for Charities, allowing them to save costs while still meeting their address requirements and needs. Here are some examples of how they’re used:

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Registered charity address

Use as the official registered address of your UK charity.

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Office correspondence address

Share with your donors, stakeholders, suppliers and everyone else who may send you letters and parcels.

Stationery address

Include on all stationery, such as email footers, your website, letterheads and any other public-facing communication channels.

Department addresses

Use your address for all correspondence or get an address for specific departments if you need to manage mail differently between individuals, teams and departments.

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Remote address

Your address and the mail you receive or send can be accessed from anywhere, making it an ideal solution for remote or hybrid working teams.

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Mail sorting facility

Use your correspondence address to centralise all inbound mail before sorting and distributing it across your departments and team members.

Online mail management for charities

Your address comes with access to our online platform that you can use to manage your inbound and outbound mail from anywhere, as well as other helpful features such as:

Envelop scan

View letter and parcel scans

View envelope scans or parcel photos when you receive mail. When requested, we’ll open your mail and scan the contents for you to read online.

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Store items digitally, physically, or both

We offer storage solutions so you never need to manage physical post again. Keep a physical or digital copy and decide on a case-by-case basis what to do with each item.

Mail Forwarding

Forward mail items

If you receive parcels or need to keep a physical letter, we can forward your post to any other location. Just let us know via your account and we’ll handle the postage for you.

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Send letters and documents from anywhere

Send letters, documents, marketing mailshots and other printed materials from your account. We’ll print and post them on your behalf.

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Tag mail and organise into folders

Organise your digital scans by adding tags and moving them into folders. Easily find your scanned items as and when you need to from anywhere by logging into your account.

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Integrate with your existing systems

Use our API or supported integrations such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Evernote to automatically share your scans with your existing software and solutions.

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Your security is our priority

Security is at the forefront of everything we do, and we have many procedures in place to ensure all of your organisational data is secure. Here are the steps we take to do this:

Sharing your data






Website and platform

Get started

We have a dedicated support team and onboarding process to help answer your questions, find solutions to any of your unique requirements, and ensure you get up and running without any break in service. To get started, please fill out the following form, and a dedicated team member will be in touch.

What are the benefits?

We’ve been helping charities with their address and mail management needs for over 15 years. Here are some of the benefits of moving to a virtual solution:

  • Reduced address related costs
  • No need for a physical mailroom
  • Less mail administration costs
  • Avoid using your personal or secretary’s address
  • Use for all mail and parcel deliveries
  • Choose from multiple UK locations
  • Support remote and hybrid working
  • More efficient mail management workflows
  • Access your organisation’s mail from anywhere

Helping UK charities with their address and postal needs

We invite charities interested in virtual addresses and online mail management n to reach out to us for further information. We’re experienced in working with charities of various sizes and setups, and we can tailor our offering to your unique needs.

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