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Since launching back in 2008, we’ve helped thousands of people avoid awkward circumstances that would have been caused by post arriving too late. From important, time sensitive documents, through to birthday and celebration cards being stuck in the post just a little too long. With UK Postbox, ‘oh it must have got lost in the post’is no longer a valid argument for not being able to action post quickly and efficiently.

Here is just one scenario of how the UK Postbox mail forwarding service has helped people around the world dealwith post quickly and efficiently.

Take Mark and Sarah. In 2007, Mark was offered a job in Melbourne, Australia. The contract was initially for 36 months. Neither of them had been to Australia before and were not sure how leaving their family and friends in the UK would impact on them so rather than selling their house back in the UK, Mark and Sarah decided to rent it out.

When they first moved to Australia, all the paperwork for renting their property had to be sent by post – it could take weeks to arrive. Other correspondence was done by email, but after having their email hacked, it was shown not to be a secure way to communicate – especially about financial and sensitive matters.

Mark’s contract came to a close; however he was offered a new contract on a permanent basis and in 2010, whenit was clear that they both had no intentions of moving back to the UK, they decided to sell their UK property.

Without their UK Postbox account, their house sale would have taken months and months to complete; however with their UK Postbox account, corresponding with the solicitor and estate agent back in the UK was as easy as being in the next street.

Property documents were sent to their UK Postbox account on a Tuesday – 1st class. We received them at 10.00am on Wednesday morning, and by 10.45am, the deeds had been scanned, allocated a bar code, uploaded to Mark and Sarah’s secure account on our dedicated server, and a notification was sent to Mark and Sarah that they had mail. Obviously with the time difference, it was 10.45pm in the evening in Melbourne so it wasn’t dealt with until the next day. When we checked all the incoming updates on Thursday morning, we had signed deeds from Mark and Sarah sitting on their dedicated section of our secure server waiting to be printed off and sent back to the solicitor. We actioned that immediately and sent the signed documents back to the solicitor 1st class for them to receive on Friday morning.

This is just one example of how UK Postbox helps individuals and businesses with fast, secure, and effective communication, that in times gone by would have been a slow, painful and drawn out experience.

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Allan Chester
July 15, 2016
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