Introducing our shiny new web app...

Over the past few months our development team have been hunkered down working on the latest version of our web mail app. Fuelled by coffee, energy drinks and Haribo, they’ve completely redesigned it’s appearance as well as bringing in many of the features you’ve all be asking for.

What’s new:

  1. Faster and more intuitive
  2. Inbox Folders
  3. Drag & Drop
  4. Auto Renewals
  5. Auto Forwarding
  6. Auto Top-Up
  7. Optional 2-Step Login
  8. Junk Filter
  9. Mail & Parcel Tracking

1. Faster and more intuitive

We wanted to make the web app simpler to navigate (like popular email clients), so we’ve made some fairly big changes to the design and layout. Working with our design team, our developers have reduced the number of main menu items to just five! These five options will give you access to everything you need in what we hope you agree is a simpler, easier to navigate format.

2. & 3. Inbox Folders and Drag and Drop

With the latest version, we’ve brought in the ability to create your own folders and have added drag and drop functionality. Create your own structure just as you would with email and easily move items around between folders.

4. Auto renewals

Whichever mail plan you’re on you can now set it to automatically renew every 3, 6 or 12 months. You’ll get an email a week before the renewal to remind you it’s coming, you can login and make changes or let it go through as is.

5. Auto forwarding

A lot of you would like to have some or all of your mail forwarded on a set day of the week. In our latest version, you can set up a schedule for us to automatically forward mail onto you on your preferred day. You’ll still get notifications, so if you want to have something forwarded sooner just ask. Create your own workflow with daily, weekly or monthly forwarding.

6. Auto top-up

Auto top-up is probably the feature you’ve requested the most so we’re excited to include it! No more delays in seeing mail or having items forwarded - make sure your account always has credit whilst having control over billing. You decide how much to top-up by and can change or cancel it anytime you like.

7. Automatic junk mail filter

We all have a different idea of what junk is; for some the occasional promotional flyer from our favourite brand is welcome reading, for others it’s destined for the bin. Our new junk mail filter will automatically remove items which are marked “to the occupier” that aren’t addressed to you directly. This will avoid you being charged for items which are obviously junk and unwanted.

Return to sender

For items addressed to you that you think are junk, you can now mark them we’ll return to sender requesting for removal from their mailing list. This free of charge service will work alongside our automatic filter to combat the amount of junk you receive.

8. Mail and parcel tracking

We’ve introduced new interactive live tracking with Royal Mail, DHL and DPD. Through either your online login or from your notification emails, you’re able to click a link and go straight to the courier’s website. Your tracking info will already be loaded and you’ll be able to see straight away where your post and parcels are.

9. Optional 2-Step login

We’re serious about security so have introduced optional 2 factor authentication. By enabling this feature in Settings ---> Preferences, all new devices that try to access your account will first have to be verified through the mobile app or by email. Once verified, your device will be trusted but if you lose it don’t worry, you can login from another device and deactivate its access.

How to get started

All you need to do is login to your account and click the “Activate New Version” button and you’ll be transported into the new app. We’re currently working on some tutorial videos to help people get the most from the latest version, but in the meantime if you have any questions just let us know.

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Allan Chester