If you’re a Ukrainian national and you’ve been displaced by the war, we’re offering free addresses to help while you find somewhere permanent to live, as well as £20 free credit on your account. Use your UK address to receive mail that you can read online, and when signing up for services you may need before you move to the UK that require an address.

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What can you do with your free account?

After signing up, you’ll be provided with an account that includes a UK virtual street address and some account credit. This is an address that you don’t live at or visit in person, but it offers many other uses. Having a UK street address before you move can make the process much easier, as it allows you to communicate via mail in the UK before you arrive. Here’s what you can do with your free account and account credit:

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Receive mail

Your UK street address can be used for any mail deliveries. This could be anything from a letter sent by a bank to a care package of supplies. Use your address as the delivery location and we’ll receive it on your behalf.

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Read letters online

If you receive a letter and need to read it, we can open and scan it for you. You’ll then be able to view and read your letter online, without having to be in the UK.

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Forward items

If you receive a letter or parcel and need it sent elsewhere, such as to your temporary location or to a friend or family member.

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Store mail

You can store letters and parcels at our mail sorting facility free for 30 days, with a small fee thereafter. If you need post held in the UK while you migrate, we can keep it until you’re ready.

london address rental

Send letters online

If you need to send a letter or submit an application form quickly, we can post it on your behalf from within the UK. Just upload a PDF or scan of your application and we'll handle the rest.

How to claim your free address and account credit

It’s easy to claim your free UK address, and in most cases the process will be automated and can be completed in minutes. Here’s how it works:

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1. Create your account

Claim your free UK street address account by following the create account button below.

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2. Verify your identity

Provide us with the relevant details, such as your name, current or previous address, and upload your identity documents.

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3. Get your address

We’ll review your information and allocate your UK street address where possible. If we need to manually review your application, we’ll be in touch with you with more information.

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4. Download our app

Once you’ve been verified, you can download the UK Postbox app on your phone or use our desktop platform. Just log in and you’ll see information about your address and the features to manage all of your post.

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5. Manage your post

You’ll automatically be put onto our PAYG plan with £20 account credit. As you use our services, you’ll be charged depending on the action you’re taking. We’ll deduct the cost from your free credit, and you can top up at any time if you need more.

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6. Need help?

If you have any questions before, during or after signing up, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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Are there any fees?

If you’re a Ukrainian national you won’t have any fees to pay. You’ll be allocated a UK street address and a pay-as-you-go account credited with £20 to use however you like. Your UK address is free for 12 months, after which you can choose whether to continue or close your account.

If you use our service for additional features, such as forwarding letters or asking us to scan a letter for you, we’ll deduct the charges from your £20 free credit allowance. You can top up your account or move to an inclusive mail plan if you run out of credit, and you can view our pricing page for more information.

Offer terms: This offer is only available to Ukrainian nationals with valid identification, such as a passport or ID document issued by the Ukrainian government. Your free UK street address and account credit will expire after 12-months, and you can move to a paid plan after this period. Account credit only useable within the UK Postbox platform. Any non-Ukrainian applicants to this offer will be charged for their account.

Other support for Ukrainian nationals

There is additional support available to Ukrainian nationals in the UK, and the information below outlines some of the ways Ukrainians can seek support. There are resources available at both a national and local level

Please visit these pages to learn more about the help available to you.

  1. Visa support and information - Gov
  2. UK family scheme - Gov
  3. Benefits and financial assistance - Gov
  4. General help support and advice - Redcross
  5. Help finding shelter in the UK - Ukrainetakeshelter
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