UK Postbox COVID-19 Update

We recognise that the current situation poses a challenge to individuals and businesses, so we wanted to provide you with reassurance and an update on how UK Postbox is handling COVID-19.

Our commitment to you

Launched in 2008, UK Postbox is the UK's premier online postal solution for business owners, international students, travellers and many more. We offer addresses and digital mail services so that our customers can access their personal and business post from around the world. 

Our service is essential in keeping individuals and businesses connected, and with over 50,000 accounts being created, the reduction or removal of our service would have a significant impact on many people from families to large corporations. We are committed to the continuation of our service and deem it to be necessary to operate during this time for the following reasons:

  1. We are enabling businesses to operate while their offices are closed through our virtual mail management solution.
  2. As a central hub receiving mail for many individuals and businesses, we're easing the burden on Royal Mail and other delivery services that may be experiencing operational pressures.
  3. A number of our customers receive medication by post. Failure to provide our service to vulnerable people can put them at risk.
  4. Expats living abroad that need access to essential UK post they receive through our service.

We take the safety and security of our staff and customers very seriously. We are evaluating the situation on a daily basis, acting upon new advice immediately to ensure we can continue to operate safely.

Protecting staff and customers

To protect our staff and customers during daily operations, we have implemented and will continue to introduce measures outlined by the government to combat the spread of the virus. We are in full support of our staff during this time, who have been briefed and advised to take the following measures in response to Coronavirus:

  1. Social distancing protocol of 2m distance between people at desks, in through routes and within communal areas.
  2. Strict rules regarding the contact with external services such as Royal Mail and DHL.
  3. Frequently clean hands using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  4. When coughing or sneezing, cover the mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue. Dispose of the tissue immediately and wash your hands
  5. Avoid close contact with anyone who has a fever and cough.
  6. Reconsider any travel plans to protect themselves and reduce the chance of infection. In the event of any staff travelling, we have been made aware so that we can assess the risk and act accordingly.
  7. Advising to self-isolate in the circumstances outlined by the government as posing a risk to the health of the wider population.

We have also recently moved into additional premises, allowing us to separate workforces, increase social distancing measures and protect both staff and customers while remaining operational.

What's changed?

We have made the necessary changes to continue operating and supporting the individuals and businesses that rely on our service. We are staying well-informed and introducing new measures where necessary, and cannot yet see a reason why we would have to cease. We would, however, ask that customers are aware that some of our services may experience extended waiting times dependent on our availability. Please refer to our status page for regular updates.

Helping businesses

In response to businesses being advised to work remotely, we have adapted our offering to encompass the needs of businesses who are no longer able to access their office but still have essential mail that needs to be managed. We can create a bespoke solution around business requirements, offering them more flexibility at a time where options are limited. To see if we can help you, please visit our managing business risk during COVID-19 post or contact our business team on the details below.

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Upcoming Maintenance - Saturday 24th April

Please be aware that we’ll be performing essential maintenance from 6pm on Saturday 24th April 2021. During this period access to the UK Postbox platform will be unavailable. Follow our status page for updates of when we’re back online.

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