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Flexible working is on the up! Did you know that in the UK alone, one in seven employees now works from home on a regular basis? That’s over 4 million people working from their kitchen table or dining room – portraying a professional image across the ‘digital community’ when the reality is that they are probably still in their PJs!

The Office For National Statistics also reported this year that there are a whopping 4.69 million people now self-employed in the UK, and this figure continues to increase year-on-year as people continue to search for a better work/life balance.  

Working from home comes with its benefits – no commute, no expensive work lunches, no having to iron shirts and the ability to work when you want – who says that you have to work from 9 to 5? Whether employed or self-employed, working from home gives individuals the opportunity to be in more control of their time, which should result in a better work/life balance.  

There are, however, some drawbacks to working at home. For parents, working from home can be challenging if you’ve got children running in and out during the holidays; it’s easier to snack or forget to eat, and there’s also the lack of face-to-face interaction with colleagues, which for some could become isolating.

Running your own business from home, there are other points to consider – for example: do you want customers knowing your home address? What about storage? Do you have room to store important documents? How do you deal with your business post? Do you want suppliers turning up on your doorstep or even more importantly, unhappy customers? What about the amount of junk mail and marketing literature that is sent out to businesses?If you are selling products, do you have room to store stock or receive returned goods? Is there someone at home during office hours to man the phones/receive courier deliveries?  

All of these points (and more) need to be taken into consideration when you are working from home, and whether you are employed, self-employed or are running a business where your staff are home based, this is where UK Postbox can help!

For sole traders, home-based businesses and remote workers, we can provide a central address for customers and business post to be addressed to. We can then distribute post/parcels to relevant employees – wherever they are based across the UK, using our comprehensive mail forwarding and parcel forwarding distribution. Mail forwarding can be in both digital and/or paper formats. If you prefer to stay digital, we can then store your paper trail for as long as necessary. Every item that is received in our postal room is digitally recorded and allocated a bar code to ensure that, when needed, you can get fast access to it.

For business owners, we provide everything from a Director’s Service Address, Registered office for Companies House to a Trading Address to publish on your website and company literature.

We will receive and process all of your mail and parcels with our mail forwarding and parcel forwarding service.

We can even offer a complete fulfilment and stock management service for online retailers or we can simply act as a returns address if need be, and we can store documents physically and digitally until you need them– plus we even offer a cheque deposit service!

Here at UK Postbox, we like to think of ourselves as your Virtual Business Logistics Manager, taking care of post/parcels and goods, which in turn gives you the time to get on with the running of your business.

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