A guide to sending letters online by UK Postbox, the UK’s Online Post Office

You may not have known it was even possible, but it is. You can actually send post online, to anywhere in the UK. You don’t need to go to the post office, buy stamps, or post your letter in the post box. Write your letter, upload it online, and let UK Postbox take care of everything else.

In this article, we’re going to explain more about this service. You’ll find out how it works, why you may need it, and how to start sending letters online today. Let’s go!

Why send letters online?

There’s lots of reasons why you might need to send letters online, some apply to everyone whereas others are more applicable if you live or travel abroad.

Benefits of sending letters online for everyone

  • Time saving - No more visits to the post office, queuing to buy stamps and envelopes. Save yourself the time by simply uploading the letters as PDFs.
  • Bin the inkjet printer - now you’re sending post online do you actually need that expensive to run printer.

Benefits of sending letters online if you’re not in the UK:

  • Cost saving -  When you send letters from overseas to the UK, you have to pay international postal charges. Contrast that with the small cost of sending letters between addresses in the UK.
  • Reduce the time for letters to arrive - Need your letting to arrive quickly? It’s unlikely to happen if you’re overseas. By sending post online you know that the letter will be into Royal Mail’s hands within 24 hours.
  • Choice of class and service - By sending your letters online you can choose from any of Royal Mail’s normal postage classes and their priority services like Signed For and Special Delivery. You decide how important your letters are and if you need to track them too.
  • It’s more reliable – Not all countries’ postal services are as reliable as our Royal Mail. If you want to post something important, you don’t always have that peace of mind.
  • Use a UK Postmark - you might not want the recipient of your letter to know you’re in a far flung location, by sending your letters online they’ll go out with a UK Postmark, protecting your privacy.
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How do you send letters online?

Now we know why you might want to send letters online, let’s find out how to do it.

The key to sending letters online is the UK Postbox Advanced Mailing App. Sign up for your free account with UK Postbox, and you’ll automatically receive details of how to login from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. You can use it from anywhere in the world, once you’re up and running, here’s how it works.

  1. Write your letter as you normally would. By hand, or using software such as Microsoft Word.
  2. Save it as a PDF file. (If your letter is handwritten, scan or take a photo of it so it becomes a PDF file.) (max. size 15MB)
  3. Login to your secure UK Postbox account and fill in the name and address you want to send your letter to.
  4. Upload your PDF letter to the app and press ‘SEND’.

That’s all you have to do. UK Postbox will take care of everything else. On the same day that you press ‘SEND’, we print your letter and send it via Royal Mail to your chosen destination. You can be sure it will arrive quickly and safely. We also offer extra options for urgent or important post. These include Next Day Delivery and Signed For services.

You can send as many letters as you like and if you attach any other documents to your letter, we’ll print and send those too.

You won’t have to deal with post office staff in a foreign country speaking an unfamiliar language. Your letter will arrive speedily and securely as it will be delivered by the Royal Mail. You get to choose from all the options you would usually get when you post in the UK.

At UK Postbox, we take your privacy seriously. We operate out of a single secure UK sorting facility. Plus, we’re subject to all GDPR rules, meaning we have to protect all of your information. When you send letters online with UK Postbox, you know your essential information is safe.

Why send letters the traditional way?

With services like UK Postbox allowing you to send letters online, you might be wondering why you would ever need to send letters the old-fashioned way anymore.

Sometimes, for legal reasons, you do still need to send letters. However, for most other situations, there is no reason why you should still be licking envelopes and sticking stamps!

When technology advances, it’s often to make mundane tasks more manageable, and this is one of those times. Tech has made tasks we used to do all the time a thing of the past. We don’t have to go the bank very often anymore. We don’t need to play physical CDs, records or DVDs anymore. The internet has revolutionised everything. Now, we don’t have to physically post letters anymore.

What’s more, no one is being put out of a job by online letters services such as ours. Postmen and women will still have letters to collect and deliver. It’s just that UK Postbox is posting them instead of you.

Get posting online today.

Next time you want to post something back to the UK, why not try the UK Postbox online letters service instead?

Guide To Sending Mail Online

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