Post redirection service explained

Royal Mail Redirection is a service that helps you when your locality changes. In short, when Royal Mail receives post to an for an individual who’s registered for mail redirection, their postal team will redirect the item(s) to a different delivery address, as specified by the customer. Mail redirection services can be set up to both UK and overseas addresses.

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When is redirecting mail useful?

Post redirection services are useful for just about anyone who is moving, whether that’s a temporary change in accommodation, a permanent move overseas, or an adventure that ends up lasting longer than intended. If you fall into any of these categories, it’s worth considering getting your mail redirected.

How long does mail redirection last?

Royal Mail Redirection can be set up for 3, 6 or 12 months. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how much you’d benefit from increasing the duration. Bear in mind that some vital mail may only be sent once per year, i.e. your annual pension statement. It may be worthwhile to opt for a 12-month redirection to reduce the risk of not receiving important correspondence. At the end of your 12 month redirection period, you have the option to renew your redirection, up to a maximum of 4 years.

Are there any delays with a mail redirection service?

Royal Mail state that you should add ‘one extra day’ to your estimated delivery date for redirected mail, due to the extra step involved with getting your post to you.

Mail redirection cost explained

The cost you can expect to pay for redirected mail depends on the duration, location and who you are.

Redirection cost for personal use*

If your family is moving household, you’ll have to set up independent redirection accounts with Royal Mail for each surname, not per property. The prices are as follows:

Redirection within the UK

  • 3 months: £36.00 (additional £8.50 per extra person)
  • 6 months: £53.00 (additional £10.00 per extra person)
  • 12 months: £76.00 (additional £11.00 per extra person)

Overseas Addresses

  • 3 months Royal Mail Redirection: £133.00 (additional £25.00 per extra person)
  • 6 months Royal Mail Redirection: £191.00 (additional £27.50 per extra person)
  • 12 months Royal Mail Redirection: £275.00 (additional £30.00 per extra person)

Redirection cost for businesses*

If your business is relocating, Royal Mail will help your business mail find you. Please note that you cannot have your mail redirected to multi-occupancy buildings, and the price is per business trading name.

Redirection within the UK

  • 3 months: £237.00
  • 6 months: £352.00
  • 1 year: £570.00

Overseas addresses

  • 3 months: £277.00
  • 6 months: £430.00
  • 1 year: £730.00

*Figures are true as of 10/08/2023

How reliable is Royal Mail Redirection?

It’s always a worry that redirected mail won’t be processed correctly, but rest assured, you’re guaranteed the same Royal Mail service you’re used to. Before any redirection happens, you’ll receive a confirmation letter that will indicate your start date, address being redirected to and the names of the mail receivers. This is your chance to finalise your details, and if correct, you shouldn’t have any problems. In the rare case that Royal Mail fail to deliver their service, they have a dedicated section to resolving any redirection issues.

How can UK Postbox help with your redirection?

Our Redirection Addresses will last for your lifetime, ready to be used as and when you require mail redirection. You might be a frequent traveller who uses the service annually, or you may only need mail redirection every five years, just chose the plan that suits you. We won’t remove your account for inactivity.

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