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Getting parcels delivered when you work or live abroad can be a tricky problem. Not only do you often face heavy costs, but many UK retailers do not offer international shipping.

As well as expensive, organising all your parcels when you are purchasing goods from multiple businesses is a large, time-consuming task you could do without.

The great news is we have you covered! UK Postbox provides a first-class International Parcel Forwarding Service that gives customers the flexibility to buy products from around the UK and sent to them safely. By consolidating parcels, you can also save money on shipping costs!

A flexible, reliable, and secure parcel forwarding service

We make it easy to have parcels sent to us then forwarded to you safely, wherever it may be. We also give you the option to store parcels (free for 30 days) in a secure place, until you’re ready for them.

Increasing your purchasing power!

Shipping costs can vary dramatically between retailers, with those that do not routinely ship internationally charging high amounts to send parcels abroad. To reduce costs, this might affect who you choose to buy from, reducing your options.

With our parcel forwarding service, all your parcels are sent to one place, which means you have the freedom to purchase goods from all around the UK. This gives you the chance to buy from all your favourite retailers and brands!

For that extra peace of mind!

We know that some of the biggest concerns for customers centre on those all-important high value items. That’s why we work with DPD’s tracking service, especially when an item is expensive or needs to be delivered right on schedule. This gives you extra security and peace of mind when it matters most.

Where can UK Postbox send parcels to?

Our customers come from around the world and we are proud to have a hugely diverse range of people taking advantage of our parcel forwarding service! The good news is we cover not just the UK and Europe, we can send your parcels anywhere in the world, from the United States to Australia!

Planning to come back to the UK?

We can hold on to your parcels at your dedicated UK Postbox address until you are ready to receive them. To make it even easier, you can organise all of this straight from our simple to use Parcel Management App.

Need to know what’s inside?

We understand how important privacy is to our customers and unless you ask us to, we won’t open any of your parcels. But sometimes our customers need to know what’s inside, to check the contents are intact and secure.

We’re happy to take a photo of what you need to see and send it on to you. We also make sure to check with you if we think you could save more money by combining packages, when consolidating your parcels for delivery.

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Access the UK high street from anywhere in the world!

We make it as cost-effective and as simple as possible by allowing you to have multiple deliveries from a range of UK retailers forwarded to just one UK Postbox address. This can reduce that all-important onward carriage cost by boxing your parcels together in one simple, cost-effective delivery.

Helping you reduce the cost of parcel forwarding!

We have designed our parcel forwarding service to be the most cost effective it can be, which is why there is no set up fee for our customers. When you sign up to our service online, you can receive your free Dedicated Courier Point Address within 24 working hours, to start benefiting almost immediately.

No hidden costs!

One of the first things you may ask yourself when considering parcel forwarding is: What happens if I don’t get parcels delivered for a while, do I still get charged? Well don’t worry, because our customers only pay for what is delivered, which means it is a service that works for you, without monthly costs that might not deliver the value you deserve.

International parcel forwarding designed with you in mind

We want to give our customers as many options as possible when it comes to our services. That’s why our Shop and Ship services include Wrap and Pack! We will personally wrap and deliver your gifts straight to you, in plenty of time for the occasion.

That personal touch!

Have something special in mind? Sometimes retailers are unable to provide an online ordering service, which is why we offer our Shop and Ship Premium Concierge service. We will go to shops and make purchases on your behalf, so you don’t have to compromise on choosing a gift, even when you are a world away.

Parcel forwarding at your fingertips!

One of the most exciting things about our service is our Parcel Management App. This market-leading app is free to use as standard as soon as you start your parcel forwarding account. It is also optimised to work wherever you are online, be it mobile, tablet, or on your desktop.

Not only will you have control over when and where your parcels are delivered, you can also customise the app around your needs. You can deal with one item at a time, or change the settings to customise the app for future parcel forwarding.

Want to share the cost of parcel forwarding?

We want to give you the chance to bring down the cost of shipping abroad wherever we can. A great way of doing this is splitting the costs, we refer to this as UK Shop & Ship. Arrange for a colleague, friend or family member to send their parcels to your UK Postbox delivery address and we will box them together with yours, giving you chance to share the cost!

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