Email security and phishing messages

Posted: 17 June 2020

Please refer to the information below if you’re concerned about phishing attempts or fraudulent email activity in relation to your UK Postbox account.

Fraudulent emails and phishing scams are illegal attempts to obtain information from customers via email communication. Fraudsters will attempt to gather personal information that can be detrimental to the user, such as their banking details, log in information and personal data.

Fraudulent use of the UK Postbox brand

We are aware of fraudulent attempts to imitate UK Postbox via email communication, requesting that some customers click on an attachment. The email mimics UK Postbox, but is sent from an unrelated email address in plain-text format without any UK Postbox branding.

Please be aware that we will only send you an email attachment following an envelope, letter or parcel scan if you have set up this workflow within your account. You'll receive a PDF containing your scanned documents from with the correct UK Postbox branding, intended recipient, date, terminology and company information.

If you are ever in doubt, please contact us immediately so that we can take action and advise you accordingly. UK Postbox accepts no responsibility for any costs, payments or information breaches which have resulted from fraudulent activity taking place.

How to avoid phishing and email fraud

Remaining diligent when dealing with digital or physical communication is the first step to avoiding fraudulent activity such as phishing scams. When handling UK Postbox correspondence, ensure the following:

  1. The email is from an official UK Postbox email address. The email address will always end in ‘’ or ‘’.
  2. Ensure that any website(s) you visit are official UK Postbox or iPostalMail websites, which are as follows:
      a. UK Postbox Website:
      b. Online Mail Management Platform: 
  3. Never open email attachments unless they are communicated via official UK Postbox channels.
  4. If in doubt, do not take any further action(s) and contact us. We will help to resolve the issue.

If you have been targeted by phishing or email scams

If you suspect that you have been targeted by a fraudster or you’ve fallen victim to phishing emails in relation to your UK Postbox account, we advise that you take the following actions:

  1. Email us immediately with all important information such as screenshots, emails or any other related material and send it to:
  2. Scan your device for viruses and malicious software to reduce the chance of further breaches being made.
  3. If you have provided login information such as your emails and passwords, update all of your accounts using the same credentials with new passwords.
  4. If you have provided banking information such as your debit or credit card, contact your bank directly and explain what has happened. They may advise that you cancel your card as a precaution, and it will help if any future chargeback claims need to be made.
  5. Be vigilant while using the same device, account or email address in the future; fraudsters may target you again if you fell victim to a previous scam.