Royal Mail Redirection and UK Postbox

Free Royal Mail Redirection Address

People have their mail redirected by Royal Mail for many different reasons. From those who have chosen to move house(whether it be a house sale, relationship breakdown or they are in rented accommodation), through to those moving overseas,working abroad or going on an extended holiday.

Using UK Postbox alongside your Royal Mail Redirection

Whatever your reason for needing to set up a Royal Mail Redirection, by combining it with a UK Postbox account, you can be guaranteed that your postal mail will always be secure and never fall into the wrong hands. What’s more, you can also feel confident that by combining your Royal Mail Redirection with a UK Postbox account you will receive your post day one,wherever you are in the world.

How Does Royal Mail Redirection Work?

It’s very simple. When you set up a Royal Mail redirection, you will need to provide an address for your mail to be sent to.Your mail is then sent to that address in the traditional manner. If you have moved abroad or are working /travelling and on the move, this could lead to many complications – including post being delayed in transit, you moving on before it’s reached you and many other scenarios. The downside of this is that in today’s society, having personal information and documents that land in the wrong hands can lead to identity theft as well as the problem that mail that you are not aware of being lost in transit.

UK Postbox and Royal Mail Redirection Combined…

Here at UK Postbox, we offer all of our customers a FREE Royal Mail Redirection address. This is a set address that you give as your forwarding address to Royal Mail when you set up your redirection.

All post is then automatically forwarded on to your UK Postbox Royal Mail Redirection address where it is received safely into ourmailing room. Once received, your post is allocated a barcode, scanned and stored. On the day that it is received by us, you will besent a message with a photo of your mail via our secure server to let you know that you have new mail. You then decide if you wantus to open and scan the item of mail so that you can read it, store it or forward it on to you securely to wherever you are at thatpoint, meaning that you always have full control of your mail and can action it fast and securely. No lost mail, no late fines for mailthat has been delayed in transit and the risk of identity theft is greatly diminished.

You can now redirect your mail with Royal Mail for up to 48 months. To find out more and to set up your FREE UK PostboxRoyal Mail Redirection address, please click HERE.

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