What is a virtual postal address?

A virtual mailing or postal address gives you one or more physical locations in the UK to have your letters and parcels sent to. Then you’re able to log in, view, open, read and forward your post and parcels, wherever you are in the world.

Sometimes called “hybrid mail forwarding” or “virtual mail forwarding”, a virtual address allows you to dictate what happens to your post, on an item-by-item basis - rather than redirecting everything to a single location.

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Our Mail Management App is used by tens of thousands of people worldwide to control their post online. The simple to use interface lets you view received envelopes, ask for them to be opened and the contents scanned, have them forwarded to anywhere in the world, or stored in our archive.

If you have a PO Box or Street Address with us, you’ll automatically get access to this advanced software. If you don’t then sign up for free and get started today.

Postal address in a UK city

Choose from either our free Royal Mail PO Boxes, which are dotted around the UK, or a Street Address located in London.

International mail and parcel forwarding

Your virtual address automatically comes with our market leading mail and parcel forwarding service. It doesn’t matter where you are, or even if you change locations regularly, want mail split or consolidate packages - just tell us through the app, and we’ll deliver.

Director's Service & Registered Office Addresses

Setting up a business in the UK? You'll need director's service and registered office addresses. Don't worry we've got you covered -click below to learn more.

Supercharge your mail with UK Postbox integrations

Connect your UK Postbox account with Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Evernote to integrate your physical mail with popular workflows, apps and cloud storage solutions.

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Take a free PO Box and only pay when you receive mail

All of our UK PO Boxes are free, free setup, and free on-going rental. Enjoy free access to our advanced postal management software, and a free Courier Point Address for your parcels. You can setup an address today, and not pay a penny until you receive your first letter.

Sign up and have a PO Box ready for when you need it

Complete a quick online form, submit your identity verification docs, and we’ll give you your new address within 24 working hours. 

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Serious About Privacy

Your privacy is of the highest importance to us, and we’ll always ensure it’s protected. Being governed by the General Data Protection Regulation, we’re forbidden from sharing your information and if we’re ever asked to, we’ll alert you straight away.

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Frequently asked questions about virtual addresses:

  1. What is a virtual mailing address?

    A virtual mailing address is one or multiple, physical postal locations attached to a smart online portal. Receive your post like you do emails, access them from anywhere, and control how they are managed. On any device, from anywhere, at any time.

  2. What if something needs to be signed for?

    Usually it’s packages and parcels which need a signature. If you need to receive a parcel, have it shipped to your dedicated courier point address, which is issued after signup. When parcels arrive, we’ll handle them just like your other mail, forward, open, consolidate multiple orders, it’s up to you.

  3. Can I have more than one PO Box Address?

    We don’t restrict you to a single PO Box address, or a geographical part of the UK. You can have one in each of our major UK city locations, and they’ll all feed into our Advanced Mail App.

  4. How long will you store my letters and parcels for?

    By default, we store all physical mail and packages, for 30 days free of charge. If you need us to store them for longer, then let us know, and we will provide you with a quote for archiving.

  5. How secure is the UK Postbox Service?

    We process post and parcels, at a single high security location in the UK. Having only a single sorting office, allows us to have maximum security measures in place, so that we can easily monitor our premises, staff and of course, your post.

    Our Advanced Online Mail App, is hosted on world class Microsoft Azure systems. All traffic between you and the app, is encrypted using HTTPS, and we’ll soon be introducing optional two factor authentication.

  6. Which cities can I get a PO Box in?

    Have one or many PO Box addresses, in any of the following cities; London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, Poole and Belfast.

  7. Where can I get a Street Address?

    • North London (N13)
    • South London (SW19)
    • York Street (W1)
    • Regent Street (W1)
    • Poole (BH16)